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  • Do you believe that minimum wage should be set at a level that makes it a living wage?

    Do you believe that the education system today is outdated and needs to be reformed?

    Is our system a justice system or a legal system?

    Is it reasonable for some people to believe they are entitled to certain rights, freedoms and advantages because of the colour of their skins, their birthplace or their gender?

    In your mind what things or activities represent the biggest waste of our valuable time as humans today?

    How will you know its time to have sex in a new relationship?

    Why is it important to vote?

    When it comes to self inflicted diseases, conditions and addictions who should pay? Should it be the responsibility of the medical system and taxpayers or the individuals and their families?

    Are manners and etiquette important or are they overrated?

    What are the essential characteristics of a good friend?

    We can probably all agree there is danger in this world but have we gone too far in an effort to protect our children from these dangers? Are kids still allowed to just be kids?

    Shouldn’t men and women have equal opportunity in the work place with regards to wages, conditions and advancement?

    In your opinion what things, activities or circumstances will ensure happiness for people universally?

    Should gay couples have the legal right to marry and parent?

    No one’s perfect, right? If that’s true, why is it so hard to recognize, admit and overcome our own faults and weaknesses? What advice can you offer?

    What can today’s youth learn from their elders? What can older generations learn from today’s youths?

    Most would agree that it’s hard to resist the desire to be like others. So why not just conform, fit in and be like everyone else?

    Why do you think that people spend so much time worrying about things that will never come to pass?

    Why are humans worldwide getting fat? Who is to blame?

    If someone is panhandling on the street and asks for loose change do you give or not? Why?

    What human qualities are sure to make a person unlikeable?

    How do you feel about the current state of our world and the world we will be leaving future generations?

    Why is teen suicide so prevalent in today’s society? What can or should be done?

    What is the purpose of humans in this world? Why are we here?

    Some believe in aging with grace and naturally while others believe in fighting the aging process to the end with extensive exercise, cosmetic surgery and products that stall the signs of aging. But how much is too much?

    Why are humans worldwide getting fat? Who is to blame?