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Outlooks & Setbacks Saturdays

Positive & Negative Attitudes

How to Stay Positive - Even When You Feel Sad

“Toxic positivity” is a relatively new term in the self-help industry. It refers to a mindset that insists and demands a kind of positive attitude in every situation. Looking for the silver lining in everything, being happy no matter what, and refusing to give any space for negative emotions.


This doesn’t sound so bad at first, but it’s actually really unhealthy. Negative emotions - sadness, anger, frustration, etc. are part of life. They’re important, healthy, and absolutely necessary. 


Rather than avoiding negative emotions, you can learn how to keep a positive mindset while still living and embracing everything around you.


Positive doesn’t mean you’re happy all the time. It means that you choose to focus on the good around you. When you’re going through something hard, you need to feel what you’re feeling. You need to process, grieve, experience, and mourn whatever it is that you’ve lost. 


You are allowed and encouraged to have bad days. You have the freedom and opportunity to experience all that it means to be human. These feelings are a good thing.


In order to stay positive, there is only one thing you need to do, and it’s stunningly simple -

don’t drown.


When you’re feeling the things, going through it all, and processing everything around you - don’t drown. Don’t let it win. Don’t let the darkness take root in your soul and infect you. Feeling doesn’t mean giving up your power. True positivity is knowing that your life and the world are complex places, but choosing to consistently contribute good things no matter what.


Look for good, create good, and stand your ground.

Recommended Book

Be Positive

Sep 09, 2019
ISBN: 9781692098384

Interesting Fact #1

Almost 70% of people said they'd experienced toxic positivity in the last week.


Interesting Fact #2

More than 3 in 4 people say that they often ignore negative emotions entirely so that they feel happy.


Interesting Fact #3

Research has shown that suppressing negative emotions leads to higher levels of stress.


Quote of the day

Fight to keep going, to get through all the crap that seems so thick there is nowhere to go and no way to get through it… there is always a way. And that way is forward, just keep striving to move forward whether it’s one step at a time or five. Just don’t stay idle in all the thickness, it will devour you.

- Cathy Gipson

Article of the day - How to Stay Optimistic During Hard Times

Whether you see life as a roller coaster or a box of chocolates, we can all agree that while it has its beautiful moments, there are times when hope seems far away. It’s during those challenging moments when we should be open to more opportunities for change and refinement.

Here are just a few ways to keep a smile on your face:

Say “for” instead of “to”

We’ve all said some sort of rendition of “Why is this happening to me?” at one point. Instead, try saying, “Why is this happening for me?” Life happens for us. This one word can change your perspective toward the challenges you’re facing. Because those moments of hardship can be great teachers.

Keep a gratitude journal

Practicing gratitude can be an antidote to sadness and negativity. And it’s been proven that practicing gratitude can rewire your brain to improve your happiness levels in the long run!

Treat yourself

Make self-care a priority during challenges. Speak kindly to yourself, read a self-help book, start a new hobby, get plenty of sleep and exercise, or make time for a bubble bath each week. Do what you love.

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Keep an open mind and perspective

Sometimes our rock-bottom moments can act as a springboard to launch us toward self-improvement. Whatever you are going through, think of what it has taught you. How you can transform this challenge into an opportunity? Sure, it may take a while, but with the right mindset, you’ll be amazed at the discoveries you make.

Surround yourself with loved ones

Your family and friends can be the beacons of light you need in life. Reaching out to them for support or even just to laugh together can provide the endurance you need to help you keep going.

Allow yourself to have bad days

Forcing yourself to be positive can build up negative emotions and backfire over time. Allow yourself to feel all your emotions and make space for them. Crying is actually a great emotional release, so grab the tissue box and let the tears flow if it’s helpful to you.

Make a list of the things you can manage

If your thoughts are often focused on the things you can’t control until the point that you’re exhausted, stop and take a breath. Instead, accept what you can’t control and make a list of what you can. Even if all you can control is your attitude and your effort, it’s important to acknowledge what you’re capable of doing.

Spend time in nature

Unplug from your video streaming and smartphone and take a walk outside. Spending time in nature can improve your mood and your mental health and it allows for a good opportunity to practice mindfulness—which can produce many positive effects on your life.

Add positivity to someone else’s life

Every time the world is struck by disaster, millions of people rally around those affected to show their support. Service is a powerful and life-changing tool—especially in the midst of our own challenges. Selflessness can give us purpose, hope, and strength to carry on.

Question of the day - What's something that always puts you in a bad mood?

Positive & Negative Attitudes

What's something that always puts you in a bad mood?