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Career & Finance Fridays

Money & Finances

Weird (and Easy!) Ways to Make Extra Money

I was recently offered a job for a company I had no interest in, with a product I didn't care about, and a business strategy I felt uncomfortable participating in.


I said no. 


But it got me thinking -- it was an eccentric idea, and if there was one weird opportunity, what others were out there? And what ones would work for me?


The world is a big, weird, connected place, and there's so many opportunities that I knew there were bound to be some that worked for me.


Believe it or not, you can make money in almost any industry online. We're all experts of one thing or another, or at least we can fake it -- and people will pay for your perspective and services.


Fancy yourself an amateur photographer? You can sell your photos as stock images online and make really decent money over time! Websites like means you can literally get paid to hang out and meet people. 


If you're creative, try making a YouTube channel. You don't need millions of subscribers just to make a few bucks, and it's definitely worth a shot!

Recommended Movie

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Jim Carrey, Courteney Cox

Interesting Fact #1

A hotel in Finland hired a staff member as a “professional sleeper”. Her job is to test the beds and write a review about each the next day.


Interesting Fact #2

How do you feel about watching paint dry? It might just pay — for some, it’s actually a career as paint manufacturers experiment with different colours and ingredients.


Interesting Fact #3

An underwater hotel in Florida has literally hired someone to deliver pizza through scuba diving, carrying the pizza in an airtight case.


Quote of the day

What makes you different or weird, that’s your strength.

- Meryl Streep

Article of the day - 12 Weird Ways to Make Money Online


1. Matchmaking


If you like the idea of helping people find the right partner in life, you might consider looking at Tawkify. Here, you can work from home as a personal matchmaker that helps people find the ideal person for them to date.


Apparently, there's an 80% success rate for matches on through the site and some matchmakers make 6-figures.






2. Mock jury


If you think it would be pretty cool to make money as a mock juror, helping lawyers prepare for real trials, you could head over to eJury's website.


You can get paid $5 to $10 per case and you get paid via PayPal.






3. Write greeting cards


If you feel like you're pretty creative and could come up with good birthday, holiday, or other greeting card ideas, you can make money online at Blue Mountain Arts and Calypso Cards.


You could get paid up to $300 for the right to your card at Blue Mountain Arts or around $50 per accepted idea at Calypso Cards.






4. Stop deleting your emails


If you're like me, you get thousands of email on a regular basis that just keep piling up. There's no way it would be worth the effort to go through them all and delete them, and now there's a really good reason not to.


SBK Center (Small Business Knowledge Center) will actually pay you for your junk mail. They accept direct mail and emails while giving you prepaid credit cards or gift cards as a reward.


Why? Because they're a market research company that cares about studying different types of marketing material.


You can expect to make around $20 every 6 – 10 weeks or so.






5. Sell old gift cards


If you ever find old gift cards stuffed under a bunch of clutter or in old birthday cards that you don't want, you can sell them on Raise for cash.


You can even sell partially used gift cards if you want. But, the point of this site is for people to be able to get cash from gift cards they don't want and for others to buy gift cards at a discount.






6. Walking


We all walk at least a little bit each day so why not make a little money from it? Bitwalking is an app that will pay you in cryptocurrency to literally just walk around.


Try it and you can get paid for something you already do.






7. Sell your friendship


You actually sell your time by the hour to go do friend stuff with others and have a good time at different events. RentaFriend is the site that makes this possible.


It could be a great side income for you if you're a fairly friendly, outgoing person.


8. Create a business inside a video game


Maybe a business in real life is a little risky for you at the moment? Why not create a business in a video game and make money that way?


SecondLife is one of the main sites that pays you to play a game on your computer. One of the reasons it's so popular is because you can turn your in-game earnings into real-life money.


Here's an example of someone who made a million dollars doing this.


If SecondLife isn't interesting enough for you, you might try Entropia Universe or some of these other ways of making money from games instead.






9. Put ads on your lockscreen


The lockscreen of your phone isn't doing anything anyway, so why not make some extra income from it?


With Android apps like Slidejoy and Fronto, you can make passive income by allowing ads on your phone's lockscreen without really any downside. And, you can turn them off whenever you want.






10. Losing weight


If ever needed motivation to get healthier, here you go. You can make money while doing it.


HealthyWage and DietBet are two websites where you can make thousands of dollars just by reaching a weight-loss goal or winning top prize in a competition.






11. Sell your smartphone photos


We all take photos on our smartphones don't we? Now you can sell them as soon as you take with the nothing but an app.


With Foap, you can make $5 per download of your uploaded photos with each allowed to be downloaded an unlimited number of times.


With Clashot, you might sell the photo rights one time, but you can set the price all the way up to $80 or so.






12. Sell your hair


If you have a lot of healthy hair, you can actually make money just by cutting it off for someone who may want to use it for wigs, art, or something else.


At HairSellOn, you can find people that would pay hundreds or even a few thousand dollars for your hair. For me, this probably takes the cake for being the weirdest way to make money online.


Not sure how much your hair might be worth? Don't worry, they have a hair worth estimator on the site.

Question of the day - What hobby would you love to monetize?

Money & Finances

What hobby would you love to monetize?