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Wedding Day

Do you remember your wedding day? A wedding day is so full of activity, emotion and excitement that it can be a total whirlwind.

I remember a few things about my wedding day, but a lot of what I remember is from looking at pictures that seem to jog my memory.

I remember a few funny things that happened like forgetting my shoes at the house where I got ready. I got married in the winter time and there was a lot of snow so I had to wear boots from the house to the church where the ceremony took place. When we arrived at the church, I realized that I forgot my shoes. 

Thankfully we were early enough that my dad had time to run back to the house and get them. We were still on time.

I remember walking down the aisle with both of my parents and holding back so much emotion because I did not want to start crying. My husband on the other hand, was a hot mess and cried the whole time I was walking down the aisle. I definitely remember that because it was very sweet. We still laugh at that and we say he cried because his life was over.

I don’t remember what the pastor talked about and I don’t remember eating the cake. I don’t remember too many details of the day - but what I do remember are special memories that I will cherish forever.

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Wedding Day Disaster

Apr 17, 2012
ISBN: 9781442459212

Interesting Fact #1

Moroccan women take a milk bath to purify themselves before their wedding ceremony.


Interesting Fact #2

Engagement and wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it was once thought that a vein in that finger led directly to the heart


Interesting Fact #3

In the symbolic language of jewels, a sapphire in a wedding ring means marital happiness.


Quote of the day

“I'll meet you at the altar" "I'll be the one in white!” ― Stephenie Meyer

Article of the day - 20 Real Couples Share Their Favorite Wedding Memory

You spend months (if not years) planning your big day and perfecting every little detail. Then, when the time comes to finally tie the knot, your wedding often goes by in the blink of an eye. Nonetheless, there are certain moments that will stand out in your mind, and memories you’ll continue to reflect back on even after the wedding ends. 

To get an idea of what resonates the most, we asked real married couples to share their favorite moment from their wedding day. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t the table linens they selected or the flavor of cake they served. These duos almost always remembered the times they shared with their partner, friends, or family. The below responses serve as a reminder that your wedding is a celebration of love. So, there’s no need to worry about controlling every detail of your event or creating the “perfect” day. 

From heartwarming first dances to powerful vow exchanges, here are the most memorable wedding moments that 20 real couples still reminisce about.

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Experiencing an Emotional Processional

Stephanie crying while her father hugs Antoine


When Stephanie Tresil and Antoine Pearson hosted their chic destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast, they experienced many sentimental moments. The most memorable one? “My dad is a very quiet man who shows little to no emotion,” Stephanie explains. “When he walked me down the aisle, he really didn’t have much of an expression on his face, but when he handed me off to Antoine, my dad put his head on Antoine’s shoulder and started crying. No one could hold back their tears when they saw that.”

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Dancing Just the Two of Them

First dance


After saying “I do” at a former airline terminal in New York City, Anthony Zimmer and Joseph “JJ” Hartman shared a dreamy first dance they’ll remember forever. “I didn’t think much of these dedicated dances, but JJ was so adamant that we have one and had a song picked out from the get-go,” Anthony admits. “In the moment, he was so sweet and sincere that I felt like we were floating above the dance floor, like in the movie Casper, all eyes on us. It was so moving. I’m sure we will never forget it.”

85 Incredible First Dance Songs for Your Wedding

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Watching a Touching Video

Mira and Rohan's Western ceremony outfits with Mira wearing a sparkly two-piece set and Rohan wearing a tuxedo


Mira and Rohan’s wedding weekend in Hudson Valley, New York was a nod to their South Asian heritage. Besides all of the Indian traditions they followed, a message from the bride’s grandfather was the most compelling part. “We lost my grandfather three months before our wedding,” Mira discloses. “Luckily, however, we had recorded a video of himself giving a wedding speech to play during the reception since he had anticipated that he wouldn’t be able to travel due to old age. Although he was no longer with us on our wedding day, we played his video at the reception, which was absolutely amazing to receive his well wishes and blessings. Everyone was in tears. It was so emotional. So many people told me this was their favorite part!”

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Listening to Heartfelt Speeches

bride and groom sitting at sweetheart table


So much planning went into Danielle Tullo and Nicholas La Testa’s special day. But, an occurrence they didn’t anticipate ended up being their favorite part. “My niece, who was with me when I bought my dress, did a surprise speech for us,” Danielle recalls. “At nine years old, she got in front of 214 people and read the speech she wrote herself. It had everyone crying and laughing. Since Nick and I have been together since 2007 and Ella was born in 2012, she’s only ever known Nick and me together. It was so special and sweet to hear what she had to say about us from her 9-year-old perspective.”

Who Gives a Speech at the Wedding Reception?

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Seeing Each Other for the First Time

Kristin and Wyatt holding hands at the altar surrounded by pedestals of flowers


Kristin Sills and Wyatt Littles decided against doing a first look at their glamorous Dallas wedding. Instead, the grand reveal took place during the processional, a decision that proved to be extremely worthwhile. “Watching Kristin walk down the aisle was the highlight of the day,” Wyatt says. “After all of the planning and anticipation, I couldn’t have imagined how beautiful she would look. Kirstin was absolutely stunning! For that minute, it felt like it was only the two of us. I was overwhelmed in the moment, cried tears of joy, and haven’t had a happier moment in my life, knowing that I was stepping into forever with my very best friend.”

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Doing a Father-Daughter First Look

Taryn walking down the aisle with her dad


Family was an important part of Taryn and John’s nuptials. So, to kick off the day, Tarn shared a noteworthy exchange with her dad. “The first look with my dad was one of the most special moments for me and was something I really wanted to capture,” Taryn says. “When I look at the photos from that moment, I can feel his love for me in our hug. Those are photos I’ll always treasure. My mom even got emotional witnessing that moment between my dad and me.”

23 of Our Favorite Father-Daughter First Look Wedding Photos

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Finding Peace During Their Vows

Jen and MC wrapping their arms around one another after their ceremony


For Jen, her marriage to MC marked a life-changing experience. “I just remember standing across from MC as Julie read our vows and feeling the calmest I’ve ever been,” Jen reveals. “As someone with lifelong anxiety, I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was magic.”

How to Handle Wedding-Day Anxiety

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Witnessing Signs From Deceased Loved Ones

Rohini and Chad sharing a moment in front of their mandap


Everything about Rohini Reddy and Chad Lucy’s wedding in Atlanta was magical. In fact, the couple felt a strong presence from their fathers, who have both passed. “Initially, it was forecasted to rain, so we weren’t sure if we would be able to do the ceremony outdoors,” the couple recalls. “The weather ended up being beautiful. There was a brief moment during the Hindu ceremony, just after we were pronounced husband and wife, that it rained. This was my mom’s favorite moment because she believed it symbolized our fathers showering us with their blessings from above.” 

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Feeling Grateful for Their Support System

Allison and Isaac celebrating during their recessional


A lot happens during a wedding, which is why couples often forget to savor the moment right in front of them. When Allison Kucharczyk and Isaac Rochell acknowledged the present, they felt so appreciative of their guests. “One of my favorite moments from our wedding day was when our friend Matt, who married us, told us to take a look at all of the people during our ceremony,” Allison states. “Taking a second to look at all of our loved ones who made the effort to travel all the way to Mexico to celebrate our wedding was incredible. We felt so much love.”

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Presenting a Meaningful Gift

Javi giving Michael a watch on their wedding day


Javier “Javi” Ruisanchez knew he wanted to give something special to Michael Dumaine on the morning of their wedding day. That token of generosity went a long way for both of them. “A special memory was giving Michael the watch he ended up wearing,” Javi reflects. “The watch was given to Michael’s grandpa at his mom’s wedding. Since Michael’s grandpa had passed away a few years ago, I wanted to make sure that his presence was still felt. I went ahead and got the watch fixed, so Michael could wear it as his ‘something old.’ It was a very special moment when I gave the watch to Michael since no one knew about the surprise. There wasn’t a single dry eye in the room.”

The 23 Best Wedding Day Gift Exchange Presents

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Receiving a Blessing

bride and groom kiss


The ceremony is where all of the magic happens. That was certainly the case for Sacha Pytka and Matthew Hotsko. “Instead of having rows of seats [at our ceremony], everyone huddled around us,” Sacha notes. “It felt like a giant group hug. Our friend Chris led a little prayer and had everyone reach their arms out toward us to bless our marriage. Looking out to the crowd and seeing all of our favorite faces reaching out with all their love brings a tear to my eye even to this day.”

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Making Promises to One Another

Michael kissing Becky's cheek while she's wearing a gold tiara, holding a red and white bouquet, and wearing a wedding dress with illusion neckline


Rebecca “Becky” Delius and Michael Eades exchanged personalized vows during their romantic wedding in Nashville. Although writing their own vows required a little extra thought and preparation, it was the best decision. “For both of us, nothing beat the feeling of reading our vows aloud to one another and getting to hear which experiences from our relationship helped shape the other’s love,” the couple notes. “There really is something about the public proclamation of a marriage commitment, and we both look back at those moments as profound and important.”

How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows, Including 17 Vow Examples

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Becoming Newlyweds

Brides kissing


For Taylor Whiting and Jen Kelly, the highlight of their lush garden wedding in Chicago was sweet and simple. “At the altar, we absolutely loved saying ‘wife,’” the couple shares. “After a long engagement of planning, postponing, rescheduling, and planning a bit more, we did it. We could finally say, ‘You’re my wife.’”

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Hitting Up the Dance Floor

Deborah and Chad's first dance


The focal point of Deborah Oyeyemi and Chad Walton’s reception was a killer playlist, which brought guests of all ages together. “Dancing and music was a big priority for us,” the couple remarks. “Our DJ was amazing and had a great blend of R&B, Afrobeats, and hip hop. The first song of the night, Beyoncé’s rendition of ‘Before I Let Go,’ had guests young and old out of their seats doing the Electric Slide. Chad and I spent every moment possible on the dance floor with friends and family.”

Your Guide to Curating the Ultimate Reception Playlist

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Infusing an Element of Culture

Erik and Julie standing at the altar surrounded by fall foliage


Since Erik and Julie met in sixth grade at an American middle school in Tokyo, incorporating Japanese elements was a no-brainer for the groom. “One of the most special moments of the wedding was when Erik surprised Julie by reading his vows in Japanese after he read them in English,” the couple reminisces. “Julie is half Japanese and grew up in Japan, and Julie and Erik went to school together from sixth to 12th grade in Tokyo, so having him read his vows in Japanese was a wonderful surprise.”

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Sharing an Extraordinary First Look

Hadier and Mitch doing a first look in an industrial room


When Hadier Jassim and Mitch Riebow laid eyes upon each other during their first look, they were speechless. “There are not many words to describe how we felt at that moment,” the couple reflects. “It was just the both of us, with no one else, spending time with one another and talking about how wonderful this day has already been.”

Everything to Know About First Looks—Plus, 20 Examples to Inspire You

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Basking in Family’s Love

Paola's dad kissing her daughter on the cheek after receiving a letter


Since Paola Ruiz Adame was going to marry Mario Enrique Gamez Hernandez, the boys in her family wanted to clarify that she has other men in her life too. “My dad and brother made a custom T-shirt, which stated, ‘I loved her first’ on the back,” Paola mentions. “It was a very emotional moment since I made a letter to him and my mom expressing my gratitude for so many years of adventures, laughs, and challenges.”

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Savoring a Second Together

Skyler kissing Anna's forehead as they take couple portraits on a golf course


Instead of heading straight to cocktail hour after their ceremony, Anna Cook and Skyler Wheeler wanted to catch their breath and reflect on the day. “Skyler and I had a private dinner while our guests were at cocktail hour,” Anna shares. “I changed into my reception dress, and we had a moment to bask in the fact that we were married. It was so intimate and sweet. We also practiced our dance to make sure he could still pick me up in my dress since he hadn’t seen it yet!”

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Having a Mother-Daughter Moment

Indhira's mother helping her get ready


A mother of the bride serves an important role, and Indhira Benitez recognized that before saying “I do” to Jason Ruiz. “While I was getting my makeup done, my mom had a rush of emotions and burst into tears,” Indhira recounts. “It was such a sweet moment. I love my mom so much!”

43 Emotional Mother-of-the-Bride Photos

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Ending the Night With a Bang

Alexa and James holding hands and dancing during their last dance song


The best moments are ones that transcend space and time–and Alexa Romero and James Adams can attest to that. “The last dance of the night wasn’t meant to be just James and I, but it ended up that way,” the couple remembers. “Our DJ played ‘All My Life’ by K-Ci & JoJo, which James loves to joke serenade to me. So, that’s exactly what happened—just the two of us on the dance floor, laughing and joking-singing, basically forgetting anyone else was there. I didn’t even realize everyone was taking pictures of us until I saw the photos later!”

Question of the day - What is your best memory of your wedding day?

Love, Dating & Marriage

What is your best memory of your wedding day?