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Why You Should Move Out of Your Parents' House Young

Moving out of your parents house is a rite of passage. A mark of adulthood, maybe the last sign of youth for some, but a necessary step. In fact, perhaps the sooner you do it the better.

Let's be real -- in 2021, a lot of kids are growing up with less responsibilities than they used to. For this reason, staying at your parent's house too long can be detrimental to your growth and development as a young adult.

Moving out is the first time in your life when you really become responsible for yourself. Living alone or with roommates means there's no one else to clean up your mess, make sure you get up in the morning, or cook for you.

It's an exciting step, and one that will educate and prepare you more than almost anything else. Moving out young gives you the opportunity to learn quickly, but provides somewhat of a safety net. Depending on your situation, you'll likely have help available if you need it, though asking won't be fun. 

As a young adult, you need to be empowered, excited, and ready to experience life. The ups and downs, highs and lows, perks and tasks. Don't waste this opportunity. Start the next phase of your life, chase adventure, and embrace adulthood right out of the gate.

Recommended Book

Adulting 101

Apr 01, 2018
ISBN: 9781424556373

Interesting Fact #1

As of age 27, 90% of young people had moved out at least once.


Interesting Fact #2

Over 50% of young adults moving out will move back in at some point.


Interesting Fact #3

32% of Americans still live in their parents house.


Quote of the day

Adventure must start with running away from home.

- William Bolitho

Article of the day - Pros And Cons Of Moving Out Of Parents House

Moving away from home is considered a milestone in one’s life, an event that clearly marks the stepping out of childhood into maturity and designates the beginning of an independent, self-reliant life. Once you move out of your parents’ house, you will have the liberty to make your own choices and enjoy the lifestyle you’ve always wanted for yourself. However, you will also have the responsibility to provide for your own needs, to find a way out of every difficult situation you encounter, and to create a life for yourself that is vibrant, progressive, and genuinely fulfilled.

Therefore, as excited as you may be about moving out on your own, you may also feel a bit nervous and scared when the time comes to actually leave the family nest and take your own path in life. This is an important decision that needs to be carefully planned out and well thought of, so that you don’t end up regretting it later.

So, if you are asking yourself “Should I move out of my parents’ house yet?”, it is highly advisable to make a detailed, realistic list of all the pros and cons of moving out of home first.

Reasons To Move Out Of Your Parents’ House

Whether you are beginning to feel stifled at home, or you you’re constantly fighting with your family, or you are tired of being treated like a child, these are all clear signs that it’s time to move out of your parents’ house. The particular reasons to leave home may be different:

wishing to prove yourself and grow as a person;
wishing to move in with your significant other;
wishing to move closer to your college, your workplace, or another important location you need to visit on a daily basis;
conflict with your parents; etc.,
but the only viable solution is to change the current situation and start a life on your own.

However, is it really a good idea to move out of your parents’ house?


Why Is It Good To Move Out Of Your Parents’ House

You will have greater freedom and more space for yourself when living on your own, of course, but the actual benefits of moving out of your parents’ house are far more important – you will have more stimuli to improve your life skills and enhance your general knowledge, will gain experience in dealing with common problems and troublesome situations, and will be able to grow as a person who can take care of his/her own life.

So, let’s take a closer look at the substantial advantages of moving out of parents’ home.

“I faced it all and I stood tall; and did it my way.” Frank Sinatra

The gratifying sense of autonomy and self-sufficiency you are going to get once you move out of home will be worth all the hardships you may come across your path to independence. There will be no house rules to observe, no constant arguments about your rights and responsibilities, no more bitter reproaches and scornful remarks. You will be able to set your own rules and to do whatever you feel like:

  • you will be no longer obliged to have a meal with your family at 8 o’clock in the evening – you will be able to eat out, order pizza, or have as much of your favorite snacks as you want, whenever you want to. When you finally start cooking for yourself (as home-made food is cheaper, healthier, and more delicious, no two ways about it), you will be able to experiment with new tastes, upgrade your culinary skills, and delight in the food you truly like;
  • you will have a chance to get a pet – if you always wanted a furry (feathery or scaly) companion, but your parents didn’t fancy animals in the house or you lived in an area where pets were not allowed, moving out will provide you with the opportunity to finally get a pet. Of course, if you keep a pet at home, you will have the responsibility to take proper care of your animal friend;
  • you will not be embarrassed to bring home your friends (or your date) at any time of the day or night – you will be at liberty to enjoy the company of the people you like without any time constraints or uncomfortable questions;
  • you will be able to throw parties, play your music loud, light off fireworks, etc. – just have the vibrant lifestyle you have always wanted.

Do you know what the best part is? – The feeling that you are able to provide for yourself entirely.


Parents tend to be inquisitive, no matter how old you are or how responsible an adult you have become. This lack of privacy may considerably limit your social activities and make you feel frustrated or unfulfilled. When you move away from your parents, you won’t have to answer endless annoying questions about your progress at work, your last date, or your “suspicious” new friends; you won’t have to meet with your romantic interest in secret in order to avoid prying eyes; you won’t need to come up with excuses to stay out late; and so on.  You will experience greater privacy and will have more chances to mingle with people and find new friends.

Especially if you have already found your better half and intend to start a family of your own, you definitely need to make the big step as soon as possible – move out of your parents’ house and see if you can manage by yourself.

Self-Esteem and Self-Reliance

Personal growth takes time and effort.
Moving out of home puts both your emotional strength and your real life skills to the test. It presents enormous challenges that require a lot of resourcefulness and resolution to overcome. Therefore, when you find a way to successfully solve any problem you encounter, to overcome any difficulty you are faced with, to achieve your ambitions and firmly follow your chosen path in life, your self-confidence and your self-esteem will definitely increase a great deal. And rightfully so.

When you move out of your parents’ house you will gain plenty of experience and practical knowledge that will help you manage on your own, no matter what life throws at you. You will have little choice but to become a responsible person, capable of making informed decisions and correct choices. You will learn to better organize your time and your priorities, and peer at any new event in your life with perspective and heightened awareness.

You will have the chance to prove to yourself (and everyone else) that you can take good care of your own life.

Plenty Of Time And Space For Yourself

It is a certain fact that after moving out of your parents’ house, you will have much more time and space available for yourself – it will be entirely up to you to use them as you find fit.

You will probably not have the resources to set up your dream home right away, but you will still have the chance to design your place in a way that reflects your own personality and aesthetic tastes. Everything will be exactly where you want it to be for maximum comfort and style. Besides, you will be able to clutter the available space with anything you like – comic books, action figures, or crafts supplies (whatever you are passionate about!), as there will be no one to make you get rid of “useless junk”.

Of course, if you are moving in with your partner or with a roommate, the “space issue” will be completely different (as well as the “time issue” discussed below).

The point is, you will have the chance to improve your skills, try new things, meet new people, enjoy new experiences, and hopefully reach your full potential thanks to the new opportunities you will have after moving to a new place.

However wonderful it may seem though, moving out of your parents’ home is not all roses. There are plenty of disadvantages to be considered as well.

Why Is It Hard To Move Out Of Your Parents’ House

Here are some good reasons why not to move out of your parents’ house:

Financial Difficulties

When you move out of your parents’ home, mom and dad will no longer provide for your needs and cover your living expenses. Therefore, you will have to harness your financial management skills and find a way to pay for:

the rent and the utilities (not to mention the security deposit);
toiletries and cleaning supplies;
medical expenses;
insurance policies;
any loans and debts you have;
and any other expenses you incur for entertainment, gifts, trips, or anything else
without going broke.

All these expenses quickly add up and may easily drain your living-alone budget. So, unless you already have a considerable income, you will not be able to save any money when living on your own. Even worse – you may even have a lot of trouble making the ends meet.

Actually, being able to bank money and secure your financial future is one of the greatest advantages of living with your parents.


You may find yourself taking a stroll down memory lane quite frequently after moving away from home.
Cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, and mowing the lawn are just a few examples of the endless time-consuming, laborious, and annoying household chores you will have to take care of when living on your own. Keeping your new home in an excellent condition requires a lot of time and effort on your part – you may not always have the energy (let alone – the desire) to deal with them but you will have no choice. You will have to include all these tedious tasks in your daily routine and to learn to complete them in a quick and efficient manner.

One thing is certain – you cannot afford to be lazy when living on your own.

Emotional Disadvantages

It is not only cheaper and more comfortable to live at home, but also much more “secure” in terms of ensuring your emotional well-being and providing you with a safe haven from the hostile outside world. Whatever happens, your parents will be there for you – to offer moral (and financial) support in times of trial and difficulties, to take care of you when you are sick or downhearted, to give you valuable advice, and help you get back on your feet again.  When you move out of home, you will set out on your own path in life and will inevitably break this deep emotional connection with your parents – they will still love you, of course, but they will be too far away (both literally and figuratively speaking) to offer their unconditional support whenever you need it.

So, unless you are moving in with your significant other, you may feel somewhat “uprooted” and lonely after leaving the family nest – there will be nobody to talk to, nobody to share your joy or your sadness with, nobody to snuggle up to.

Besides, your parents will probably feel sad and lonely as well – they will miss you and worry about you, their lovely family house will seem empty and joyless, and some time will pass before they get used to the fact that their “little bird” has flown away.

All things considered, it’s better not to jump the gun – even if you have already come of age, graduated from university, or found a good job, it may be the wiser choice to stay at home for a while – until you become financially and emotionally stable and feel ready to move out of your parents’ house. When the right time comes, however, you need to find a way to move away from home in a smooth and trouble-free manner.

Advice On Moving Out Of Your Parents’ House

When moving out for the first time, you need all the help you can get in order to ensure a favorable outcome of your relocation adventure. Here are some valuable tips for moving out of your parents’ house that will be of great help when you decide to make the big step:

Find an appropriate new home – make sure your new place is safe and comfortable, located in a good neighborhood close to your workplace and various local amenities. Be careful not to overspend on your first home though – you will probably move out soon anyway, so you won’t need a fancy property or fashionable furnishing at first. Look for an affordable and convenient apartment to rent and consider finding a roommate – this way, you will be able to split the bills and share a lot of household items (so that you don’t need to buy too many things at the beginning). What’s more, you will have company and will also have the chance to meet your roommate’s friends who may become your close friends too;
Draw up a realistic budget – estimate the moving costs and the costs of living in your new home. Make sure you have saved enough money to cover all the relocation related expenses and all your living expenses for the first couple of months after the move. Reassess your spending habits and look for efficient ways to cut down the relocation costs and to save money after moving to your new place;

You’ve got mail!

  • Take all the help you can get – discuss your plans with your family and friends and ask them for help. They will probably offer some really good advice, as well as more practical assistance – your parents may be able to give you certain household items to use in your new home, to transport some of your belongings, to help you pack, load, and unload your possessions, etc.;
  • Organize a cheap and trouble-free relocation – sort out your items and take only those of them that you are actually going to need (the fewer items you move, the less you will pay for packing and transportation). Make sure you have all the vital things you can’t do without when moving out on your own. Pack properly to ensure the safety of your items and be careful to put all the relevant paperwork in order. Last but not least, schedule your move wisely – find reliable movers to take good care of your items and perform a safe and efficient relocation, choose a beneficial moving date, and make every effort to steer clear of rookie moving mistakes and avoid moving scams;
  • Stay in touch with your family and your friends – when you move away from home, you will probably re-appreciate your caring parents and your dear friends. Staying in touch with them will help you feel more confident and happier, get rid of downbeat thoughts and fight off loneliness. So, make sure you don’t sever the connection with your family and friends – they will be always there for you, just one letter, phone call, or video chat away.

That’s all we had to say. It’s your turn now – weigh all the pros and cons of moving out of parents’ house and make the best of your life!


Question of the day - Which do you think is a bigger responsibility -- driving a car or moving out?

Immediate Family Relations

Which do you think is a bigger responsibility -- driving a car or moving out?