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Is RV Living Right For You? 3 Points To Consider

If you are any sort of a trend follower, you will have been tempted to look at the RV life. The draw to sell your home and (almost) all your possessions to live life on the open road is a big movement.

Kids? Pets? No problem… Pack them along for the ride too!

In an ever shifting world, the draw to living on the road can sometimes seem enticing. There are new sites to see, new places to explore, and new adventures to be lived.

But is RV living really what it’s all cracked up to be?

Well, I guess that all depends on your perspective. There is a certain “freedom” that comes from the nomadic life of RV living, but there is also a cost.

So here are 3 points to consider to help you determine if RV living is for you.

  1. Decreased commitments. You don’t have the same type of commitments while living on the road because you are always hailing from a new location. It’s pretty hard to commit to weekly dance lessons (or a local gym, or a social crew, etc.) when you’re always on the move! To some people that sounds like heaven and to some it sounds like, well…you know. It's a different kind of busy being on the road than it is at home.

  2. Downsizing. Let’s face it - RVs have a lot less storage space than the average North American home. So you simply cannot have the same amount of stuff. Nor do you need the same amount of stuff because there is less space to fill. What you do need is the ability to get crafty with storage hacks so that you can have all the necessities without feeling like you’re tripping over everything.

  3. Parking lots become a whole new thing. When you are towing an RV, accessibility changes. It’s hard to navigate parking lots and tight spaces. Certain places become almost off-limits (unless you find alternative transportation) because of tight corners and not enough parking for RVs. Now, this might not sound like a big deal, but imagine if every trip to the grocery store became an ordeal - that changes your lifestyle in big ways. Now, some people don’t get phased by this, but to others, it’s totally overwhelming. 

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Interesting Fact #1

RV Park and RV Loans can cost just as much as a house


Interesting Fact #2

Your RV’s black water tank is a very important piece of equipment: it’s the tank under your rig that holds the waste water from your toilet.


Interesting Fact #3

Since 1999, nearly every RV produced has at least 1 and sometimes as many as 5 slide outs.


Quote of the day

Money can't buy happiness but it can buy a camper, which is kind of the same thing. -Unknown

Article of the day - 5 Things I Love About RV Life

Now that we’ve been Full Time RV-ers for 3 Years, there are certainly some things that I hate about this lifestyle, but there are also soooo many things that I love about it. Today I’m so excited to be sharing 5 things that I love about RV life 3 years later!

1.No matter where you are you feel at home.

This one might seem obvious, but it really was a big deal for us. Before we moved into the RV, we were constantly on the road going from film job to film job (my hubby is a freelance filmmaker). We were living out of hotels and ate fast food most of the time. It created some really unhealthy patterns and habits that took awhile to break. Now that we live in the RV, it has been SO nice to have a kitchen to cook our own food, and to sleep in our own bed every night!

2. It helps you to be content and grateful for what you have.

Living in an RV has helped me to be more grateful for what I have and not constantly want more. Because our home is less than 300 square feet, I don’t just go to Target and buy a bunch of random stuff from the dollar section.

Everything we buy has to have a place and a purpose. We have very minimal decor, and what we do have, we use all the time. We keep it very simple during the holidays. We love getting a mini Christmas tree, and last year I made a garland that was totally free (except for the wire I used to keep it all together). Living in the RV has really simplified our lives, and saved us so much money that we can now use to travel the world!

3. Different views all the time!

I love that I have a different view out the RV windows every time we move. Sometimes the view is another RV-er in a cramped RV park, but we’ve also stayed in some really beautiful places, too. We’ve stayed on a horse farm,  right on a beautiful lake, in the middle of a gorgeous pine forest in the mountains of Virginia, and more! It’s pretty expensive to drive the RV around, so we don’t just drive it anywhere we feel like. We usually only take it somewhere new when we have a job lined up that will pay for the gas. Click here to read my blog post about 5 things I wish I’d known before living in an RV, where I go more in depth about gas mileage and how it affects how much we travel around. 

4. It gives you an opportunity to become super close with your family.

Timothy and I are much closer now that we’ve been living in the RV for almost 3 years. When you live in close quarters with your spouse or family, there is no such thing as privacy or personal space. If we’re arguing, we can’t get away from each other, which means we just have to work it out. I can’t just make him sleep on the couch haha! We love spending time together and going on adventures, which was one of the reasons we bought the RV in the first place. I also know lots of families with either pets or kids that live full time in an RV. You can absolutely make it work, you just have to spend a lot of time outside!

5. Simpler living means saving money and pursuing being debt free!

Last but definitely not least, because we live simply in an RV, we’re able to be debt free! Being debt free wasn’t necessarily a goal for me personally, but now that we are, I couldn’t imagine it any other way! Some people choose to live in an RV only in order to become debt free. It’s a great way to live cheaply and it’s easier to stick to a budget, because like I said earlier, you can’t just go out and buy a bunch of random stuff or clothes that are on sale. That’s not to say that RV life doesn’t cost anything, but it definitely encourages a simpler, cheaper lifestyle, and has given us the opportunity to go on trips that we wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise.

So that wraps up the 5 Things I love about RV Life! If you’re looking to start full time RV-ing, make sure you check out my other blog posts!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading!


Question of the day - Does RV living appeal to you? Why or Why not?

Experience & Adventure

Does RV living appeal to you? Why or Why not?