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Welcome and thanks for showing up. You’ve managed to navigate your way to whizolosophy.com – the world’s most amazing data base for personal and planetary improvement.

Whizolosophy is a new online forum for the sharing of wisdom, knowledge, insights, perspectives, advice and opinions.

First and foremost, whizolosophy.com is a personal development website. It’s a site committed to world improvement and change, as well.

By building this website, we believe that we will improve personal outcomes and make the world a better place.

We believe that with your help we can – and will – make a difference: not just for this generation, but for every generation that follows.

We have spent years studying, interviewing and compiling, diligently working in an effort to  thoroughly understand the human experience and the issues that impact us all as human beings.

And now, we can proudly say that we are ready to present our findings – and our website whizolosophy.com – to you and the rest of the world.

But, as we’ve said before, we can only do it with your help.

Through extensive research it became clear that there are issues that impact all of us, and that there are as many different ways to present and understand these issues as there are people in this world. We’ve come to believe that the best way for an individual to form their own beliefs, thoughts, convictions, and personality is to consider the perspectives of others.

Let’s face it. Most of us do not embark on our lives with a thorough understanding of who we are, what we like and what we dislike. We have no idea what we will be good at, what we are looking for in a partner or what we want and expect out of our lives.

We have absolutely no idea what our passions, our affinities, our desires or dreams are.

In most cases life moves on, guided by no master plan or great design – merely by happenstance. By chance. Sometimes we get lucky – but most often, we get it all wrong.

We want to change all that. We want people to know what they stand for and what they will stand against. What they will do and what they won’t. What matters and what doesn’t. We want people to know how we can – and why we should – leave the world a better place.

At whizolosophy.com we have a six phase strategy for making our website the largest self-development resource known to man.

We are currently working to complete the loading ‘phase’ – stage five of the six stage plan.

Gathering, collecting, accepting contributions, inspiring contributors, formatting and assigning are all elements of this stage.

This 60-day period will be critical to our success. We will be relying heavily on you, our viewers, to gather and shape, through Whizolosophy, the bulk of the valuable resources that exist.

We all have something to share, whether it is an experience, an opinion, a thought or perspective.

It may be an area of expertise or a professional insight, a passion or pet peeve.

It could be cultural, historical, religious or spiritual. It could be based in fact and science or pie-in-the-sky. Maybe it’s a meaningful lyric, a memorable line from a movie, a favourite quote, a superstition, or an old wives’ tale.

The fact is – it really all matters. It’s all important in developing the broadest ranged understanding of ourselves and the issues that impact us as humans.

We want you to know that Whizolosophy is an open book for contributions by the world at large. It is designed to be a site where knowledge, thoughts, and opinions can be shared and spread among like-minded individuals who all share a common goal: to educate and improve themselves.

It has taken years – and thousands of hours of contemplation, research and dedicated effort – to build this site. We were determined to build a website that was informative, interactive and easy to navigate. This was no easy task, given the number of categories and conversations involved, let alone the reams of material we had gathered while considering how to build a platform for accepting contributions.

We believe we’ve considered every conceivable way of simplifying the process of contributing material and accessing it. The site features methods of access that make it easy to locate information and contribute – we have carefully defined the categories, the ways to contribute and the material we expect to receive, among other things.

We have identified 645 Conversation topics that are organized under our 54 Major Categories, some of which will be open to all visitor contributions. Others will be reserved for the use of professionals, experts and authors who have been invited to be part of the project. In some cases, categories will be the responsibility of whizolosophy.com staff.

In-depth descriptions of each contribution area are clearly identified in the 27 Ways to Contribute section of the Whizolosophy brochure available on the website.

You should also refer to the ‘Happiness’ category on this site. It will provide a very effective guide to making contributions on the Whizolosophy website.

Make a mental note of the many (127) Contribution Forms and how they have been designed to accept contributions.

The Happiness module is a clear example of how we wish to receive the material and the content we hope to receive. All 54 modules are handled in the same way.

Once you are familiar with the Categories and Conversations, we hope that it will become second nature to want to share things you’ve been taught, things you’ve seen or heard. You can share something smart, something funny, something heart-wrenching, something factual, even something fictional. It’s all important.

Your views and submissions may be controversial, contrary or opinionated – and that’s all right because it will be entirely acceptable for participants to debate within these many categories and conversations.

So what should you contribute? That depends entirely on you. It may be a tidbit passed down from your parents, something learned at school, or simply an item of interest read or heard in passing. Contribute wisdom, insight, beliefs or first-hand knowledge. Recommend a website, a book, a move, music, scholarly articles – anything that relates to the Whizolosophy conversation.

Ask for advice. Debate an issue. Share your beliefs and feelings. Talk about you in the now, how today compares to yesterday and how the future looks. If you feel so inclined, compose a song, produce a video, write a story, share a photograph. There are no ends to the ways in which you can be a part of whizolosophy.com

You can be certain it will take time to familiarize yourself with the topics, categories, contribution methods and many opportunities to learn and develop. Researching areas of interest, joining in debates and conversations, contemplating what’s important and mentally editing out what is not also takes time – so why in the world would you want to take the time to make a contribution?

Honestly, it’s in your nature, a huge part of your human DNA: the desire to help others, to be good and do good. Most of us, if not all of us, want to make a difference, to share what we know, to leave a legacy for future generations. Many of us hope our wisdom, traditions, customs, values and beliefs will live on after we are gone. We believe in doing what we can to affect the outcomes and fortunes of others, believing we can help change the world one person at a time.

Our greatest attribute as humans, contrary to the thoughts of some, is not our thumbs – it is our ability to communicate, to speak and write our thoughts, feelings, advice and warnings.

We want to encourage you to exercise your greatest attribute. Share your insights and wisdom. Whatever you share through Whizolosophy can help us make and leave the world a better place.


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