Truth & Character

Our character is not just who we are, it’s how other people perceive us. For some, the example we set and the character we exemplify is more lasting than the career path we choose or the material wealth we possess.

In the Truth & Character category, seventeen different conversation topics will be presented. Through extensive research, professional and non-professional contribution, we will investigate what we value most in character and truth.

Questions about our character can be very complex: are honorable intentions more important than outcomes? If not, what are some situations when the outcomes may outweigh honorable intentions? Does deception have a place if, for example, a white lie can spare someone else a great deal of pain?

We will discuss honesty and telling the truth, and the things we may do to avoid it or save someone’s feelings or reputation: half-truths, white lies, misleading, and deception, keeping secrets, or withholding the truth. Sometimes we avoid the truth by creating complete falsities, making excuses, blaming others or using innuendo, and spreading gossip and rumors.

We will explore the value in keeping our promises, pledges, commitments and vows, while also taking a look at feelings of envy, resentment and covetous attitudes that make us want to compromise the values we know to be right.

We’ll talk about parts of our character that are not always flattering: criticizing and judging people, and the way that it influences us as well as our interactions with others; entitlement and the question of rising above it; the ability to accept responsibility instead of shirking it.

Our drives and desires tell much about us as people, whether it’s money, power, fame, sex or heaven, our desires can instruct us or control us.

Characteristics such as confidence, strength, entrepreneurship, boldness, are often talked about as things we ought to strive towards. Many of us aren’t built that way, so what should those who aren’t strive for? Will the meek really inherit the earth? How?

Doing what’s right can be a tough decision. Sometimes it may mean having to rat or fink on a friend in spite of their best interests. We are bound by what is right. Understanding and discernment, then, are both as important as they are complex.

Lastly, we will explore earning and protecting a good name by preserving our reputation, honour, integrity and rectitude.

Through our extensive research, we will examine these various facets to truth and character, and answer why we value these things so highly, and why they are so important to us.

Conversation Topics

Female Portrait

Are honorable intentions more important than outcomes

Mother and Daughter Talking

Honesty and telling the truth

Trying on clothing

Half-truths, white lies, misleading and deception

Telling Secrets

Keeping secrets, withholding the truth and sharing the secrets of others

Wedding Vows

Keeping our promises, pledges, commitments and vows


Envy, resentment and covetous attitudes


Making excuses

Placing Blame

Blaming others and innuendo

Spreading Workplace Gossip and Rumors

Spreading gossip and rumors


Criticizing and judging others

Acceppting Responsibility

Accepting and shirking responsibility


Money, power, fame, sex, Heaven, what drives you


Is it true that the meek shall inherit the earth


Rising above our sense of entitlement


Withholding and deception, white lies in an effort to save someone’s feelings or reputation

Child Talking to Her Mother

Finking, ratting, understanding and doing what’s right


Reputation, honour, integrity and rectitude. Earning and protecting a good name



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