Time. Past, Present & Future

Next up on our list of fifty-four categories is time. Some of us go through life with all the time in the world, and some can never seem to find enough of it.

There will be nine conversation topics presented in the Time category. These topics, through various research and contributor participation, will dig deep into different aspects of time, in the hope that we can better understand how to productively view and utilize time.

Whether it’s procrastination, not having enough time, or wasting time, we will look at the different ways in which we can start to manage our time more effectively.

There are different ways in which we view time. Many of us dwell in either the past or the future without focusing on the present, while others focus on living in the now. Although each of these has both benefits and disadvantages, we must be careful of investing too much or too little in one aspect of time.

The way we feel about time can change at different stages of life—it seems to fly when we are old, and drag by when we are young. As a result, in hindsight, we may realize we had wished away the best years of our lives.

We all have twenty-four hours in a day. The question of how, then, to spend our most valuable commodity is extremely important. We’ll look at research on how successful people use their time, and gain insight into adjustments we can make in our daily lives to better our chances of success.

When there aren’t enough hours in a day for one person to complete, for example, a project or a task for business, we will look at how to maximize time through delegation.

We’ll take a look at the American Time Survey to see what insights it can reveal into how most people spend their time on a daily basis, helping us to see more clearly the often overlooked areas that time spent can add up in ways we may not have considered.

Finally, we will look at taking time for the most important things in our lives. Balancing time spent between our careers, family and friends can be tough, but through research and conversation, we’ll be raising our awareness of the way we spend our time in order to more effectively use our time.

Conversation Topics

Looking at wristwatch

How to effectively manage our Time



Working Late - Time Poverty

Wasted time & time poverty – how are we wasting our time

Spontaneous Woman

Yesterday, tomorrow & living in the now

Blowing Out Birthday Candles

How time flies when we are old – why time drags when you are young. Wishing away the best years of our life

Man Looking at Watch

Time – Our most valuable commodity. We all have the same amount. How will we use it. How do successful people use it.

Delegating Tasks in Business

Maximizing time through delegation

American time survey (Google)

American time survey (Google). What can we learn

Family Time - Playing Soccer

Taking time for the most important things in our lives.



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