The Search for Happiness

If there is one single goal that each and every person on Earth shares with one another, it is this: they want to find happiness. Whether it be to fulfill an individual aim, to help others through volunteering or other activities, or to improve the world in general, the end result is the same: we are happier for what we have done.

Happiness is the goal of all other goals, one might say. That is why happiness is the first of the 54 major categories included on

We will begin exploring this category through nine conversation topics that will help to expand our knowledge and understanding of the concept of happiness.

Within each of those nine conversations, we will attempt to shed some light on many facets of happiness. Extensive research, contributions from professionals and the participation of readers from around the world will provide the basis for this discussion. Through those varied contributions, we hope to understand more closely whether what makes us happy now will ultimately lead to a happy life.

Through scientific investigation and the vast collection of knowledge that our readers and contributors will bring to the site, we will attempt to determine whether happiness is part of our personal DNA – something we were born with or something we can learn through our day to day experiences. It’s likely that happiness is a combination of things, and we hope to find that precise combination to share it with the world.

We will also look into whether one can choose happiness or, as some may suggest, buy happiness. Through contributions and research we will explore the basic needs, rights and conditions necessary to have happiness. By studying and considering opinions from around the world and from throughout the ages, we feel we will be privy to insights and knowledge that will improve our chances at gaining happiness in the long term.

There is a strong correlation, we feel, between physical expressions of happiness as simple as a smile or a laugh and the ability to live a satisfying life. We will explore this conversation extensively, along with the many other components of happiness such as understanding, pursuing pleasure, activity and involvement, and finding one’s personal meaning.

Finally, we will look into the activities, actions and possessions related to happiness. We feel that these things will, most assuredly, lead us down the road to a life filled with happiness.

Conversation Topics


Happiness. It’s a choice – to a degree

Happy Family

Happiness – The Science & Study of Happiness

Money and Happiness

Money can’t buy happiness, or can it?

Happy Senior Couple with Grandchild

Happiness throughout the ages

Global Happiness

Happiness around the world – the World Happiness Index and Data Base

Kids Art Class

Basic needs, rights & conditions necessary for Happiness


How laughter & smiles lead to life satisfaction

Family Riding Bikes

The three components of Happiness. Pleasure – Involvement – Meaning

Happpily jumping on the beach

Seeking and finding true Happiness. The activities, actions, things and possessions related to Happiness



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