Sexual Relations

Sex is one of the strongest drives we have, and one that pervades so much of our daily lives. We experience its influence constantly in advertisements, radio and movies. Most of us think about it in one form or another every day. In the Sexual Relations category, we will be exploring eleven different conversation topics. With extensive research, professional and non-professional contribution, we hope to illustrate the complexity and importance of sex in our lives.

We will begin by taking a look at the facts surrounding teenage and premarital sex. With teens being more exposed to sex, we’ll find out whether they’re also making better choices, and dispose of several myths along the way.

Given that premarital sex is more and more common, we’ll talk about sexual health—understanding, avoiding and recognizing sexually transmitted diseases, and learning what forms of protection are out there to practice safer sex.

We will explore incredibly complex and controversial questions surrounding unexpected and unwanted pregnancy. Questions such as whether or not to keep the baby, or to go through with an abortion. Whose choice should it be? We’ll also consider the choice to adopt, its pros and cons, joys and difficulties.

Drawing on statistics, we’ll discuss what sex is like for most of us—the way it really is outside of movie portrayals and sexy tricks in magazines.

Through science research, we will examine the sexual differences between men and women—why we are the way we are historically and genetically.

We will talk about some of the difficulties many people have when it comes to sex: sexual dysfunction, varying libidos, premature ejaculation, and having no drive at all.

We’ll explain the biology of sex: body parts, genitalia, sex organs, circumcision, and what you can expect.

Sex is so pervasive in our lives, and we will discuss why we are so infatuated with sex and the bodies of others.

Lastly, we will talk about having sex for all the wrong reasons. Through our extensive research and various contributions, we hope to shed light on what we humans find so intriguing about sexual relations.

Conversation Topics

Teenagers in Car

The facts about teenage and premarital sex

Talking About STIs

Understanding, avoiding and recognizing sexually transmitted diseases

Unwanted Positive Pregnancy Test

Unexpected and unwanted pregnancy

Worrying While Pregnant

Abortion, adoption, keeping the baby

Safe Sex

Protection and safe sex

Couple Under Bedsheets

Sex – the way it really is for most of us. The statistics

Diverse People Standing in a Line

The difference sexually between men and women – why we are the way we are historically, genetically

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction, libido, premature ejaculation, no drive

Pelvis Closeup

Body parts, genitalia, sex organs, circumcision. What you can expect

Fitness Class

Why are we so infatuated with sex and the bodies of others

One Night Stand

Having sex for all the wrong reasons



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