Sexual Preferences

From the legalization of homosexuality to the pornography industry, from polygamy to a priest’s celibacy, there is no shortage of controversy within the list of sexual preferences.

Initially there will be eight different conversation topics in the Sexual Preferences category. Through extensive research, professional and non-professional contribution, we will thoroughly examine the various forms of sexual preference in today’s society and the questions surrounding what is right, wrong, acceptable and unacceptable.

We will begin with the three most common forms of sexuality: heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual. Although an increasingly large percentage of Canadians support gay marriage and to a lesser extent bisexuality, many continue to oppose it or feel uncomfortable around sexualities that diverge from the norm of heterosexuality. We will dive into the facts and discussions around these three forms of sexuality.

We will be looking into our more personal explorations of sexuality, such as masturbation, sexual thoughts, and the fantasies that we create about other people or other types of people we may be intrinsically attracted to.

Sex can be fun and healthy for us, but sometimes that inherent drive in us manifests in ways that can cause great harm to people and society. We’ll discuss the less pleasant topics that involve our sexuality; namely, the sex industry, the sex trade, and prostitution.

We will also explore the law surrounding monogamy and polygamy, and also touch on various personal preferences such as polyamory.

When it comes to celibacy and abstinence, we will discuss the hard questions. When should I? Why should I? What should I expect if I turn down that road, and what considerations should I make?

We’ll take a look at the so-called deviant sides of sex—things such as kinky behaviours, bondage, and dominance. These behaviours touch on the nature of eroticism and ask why such seemingly strange behaviours can be turn-ons for a many people.

Lastly we will discuss unacceptable advances, acts & attitudes towards sex, whether these actions are taken in a marriage, on a single’s night on the town, or other types of relationships.

Our research and various contributions will facilitate discussion and learning around the diverse sexual behaviours we exhibit, so that we may have a greater understanding of the nature of our sexual desires and preferences.

Conversation Topics

Homosexual Male Couple

Heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual relationships

Hand grasping bedsheet

Masturbation, sexual thoughts and fantasy


The sex industry, sex trade and prostitution


Monogamy, polygamy, personal preferences and the law

Pensive Woman

Celibacy and abstinence, when should I, why should I?

Woman in latex holding whip

Kinky behavior, bondage, dominance and other so-called deviances


Eroticism, strange behaviors and turn ons

Sexual Harassment

Unacceptable advances, acts & attitudes towards sex



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