Personal Development

So much of the world we interact with as consumers is centered around personal development. Whether we want to lose weight, or get back in shape, read a book, or further develop our careers, personal development can be difficult and requires great amounts of motivation and dedication.

In the Personal Development category, eleven different conversation topics will be presented and discussed with extensive research and various contributions.

We will explore the basic idea of personal growth—why we seek change and transformation.

We believe personal development is part of being independent. We lead our own lives, and must take personal responsibility for the choices we make and the goals we set.

Growth is also a matter of pride. We ought to be proud of our goals and make the most of what we have. But we must also be realistic and patient in our growth, recognizing, coming to terms, and overcoming personal faults and weaknesses.

Our desire for personal development comes as a result of our vision of ourselves and the lives we imagine ourselves living. We seek development so that we can be the people we were meant to be.

We will look at hygiene and personal cleanliness and the role that it plays in our growth, as well as developing the basic life skills you’ll want to know.

Our growth often requires flexibility and adaptability, and the ability to adjust on the fly. We will look at ways that these adjustments take place and how they can benefit you.

Another crucial part of personal development is an ongoing personal evaluation in which you are honest with yourself. We’ll discuss what that might look like, and why it’s not something to be afraid of.

Lastly, we will talk about ways to motivate both ourselves and others to change.

Bringing extensive recent and various contributions, we hope to fully examine what personal growth looks like, in all its trials and rewards, and in turn encourage others to take steps towards the personal development they may desire.

Conversation Topics

Top of Mountain

Personal growth, change and transformation

Independent Woman

Independence, leading our own lives and taking personal responsibility

Athletes with Medals

Personal pride – making the most of what we have


Recognizing, coming to terms with, and overcoming personal faults and weaknesses

Spontaneous Woman

Becoming the you that you were meant to be

Personal Hygiene

Hygiene and personal cleanliness




Developing basic life skills – things you’ll want to know

Moving in to a new home

Flexibility and adaptability – adjusting on the fly

Woman on bus

Ongoing personal evaluation – being honest with yourself


How to motivate ourselves and others to change



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