Other Relationships

In this section, we will be covering nine different types of relationships we engage in that have a great influence on our day to day lives. Drawing on extensive research we will be discussing the way we interact with and view our neighbours, pets, co-workers, and everything in between.

First, we will be exploring the workplace. Whether it’s interacting with our bosses, or learning how to approach people from a position of management, work relations can be tough.

We are all born in different places, at different times, and we all have unique upbringings and experiences of the world around us. It’s part of what creates such a diverse world full of history. But for some, that reality can be challenging, especially in a world that becomes more globalized every day. Ideas such as multiculturalism, xenophobia and tolerance are more pertinent than ever. We will discuss confronting relations with people whose backgrounds, beliefs and cultures are different than our own.

We will be looking at the gaps between generations, and the difficulties encountered when trying to bridge that gap.

We all long for acceptance. We want our character, passions, and pursuits to be recognized and appreciated. We will explore how that plays a role in our relationships, how we look for it, and how important it is to have people who accept us.

The people we choose to surround ourselves with have a lasting impact on our lives. We will talk about recognizing bad people, users, takers, and other sorts of people who have a negative impact on our lives.

We will discuss getting along with our neighbours, and our relations with people in authority such as parents, police, teachers and coaches.

We believe that pets are everyone’s best friends. We will examine the role they play in our lives and why we love having them.

Finally, with our extensive research and various contributions, we will discuss the question of whether relationships are more important than material things and, if so, why. Through these discussions, we hope to shed light on what relationships mean for us as human beings, and why we need them in our lives.

Conversation Topics

Productive business meeting with team members

Bosses, management and other work relations

Boss and Employee

Bridging the generation gap

Diversity Amongst Colleagues

Relations with someone whose background, belief and culture is different than ours

Young Friends

Acceptance – everyone wants to be liked

Avoiding People

Recognizing and avoiding bad people, users, takers and other bad people

Getting along with the neighbors

Getting along with our neighbours

Coach with his team

Relations with people in authority, parents, police, teachers and coaches

Man and his dog

Pets. Everyone’s best friends

Friends sitting on bridge

Are relationships more important than material things



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