Love, Dating & Marriage

Few things are more important to the majority of us than love, and its natural precursor and culmination—dating and marriage. In this section, we’ll discuss fourteen different aspects of love, dating and marriage. Using a great deal of research, and professional and non-professional contributions, we hope to go into detail about what it means to go through one of the greatest things we humans can experience.

We’ll start by talking about what it means to find the love of your life, and finding lasting happy relationships with love interests, spouses and life partners. Is the perfect relationship possible, and what does “perfect” mean?

We’ll explore the terrifying or wonderful world of dating. It can be anything from enjoyable, to costly, to engaging, to time-consuming, to disheartening, or, if things go well, a complete blast. Does love at first sight exist? If not, is there still something to be learned from that initial attraction?

Lifelong commitments are incredibly complex and important decisions. Marriage requires us to make legal considerations with lawyers about divorce and prenuptial agreements.

We’ll look at breakups. When do we know it’s time, and how do we break up? After it’s done, how do we understand it and begin to overcome it?

From websites like Lavalife and Plenty of Fish, and apps like Tinder and Bumble, dating has changed a great deal in the last decade. Relationships, too, are in many ways very different from what they were several years ago, and we hope to shed light on what dating in the modern world looks like.

Some of us are from Mars, and some from Venus, and as such have different biological wirings, but what does that mean when it comes to love? We’ll discuss the research surrounding the conceptions and misconceptions of how men and women approach and express love.

We want to consider the importance and value of practicing fidelity. Its opposite, infidelity, is perhaps one thing that most of us fear more than a break-up. We want to examine some of the warnings signs to look out for, and how to learn how to trust and love again after infidelity.

Finally, we want to explore the intricacies of relationships: the things you shouldn’t tolerate, or the subtler things like ignoring your partner by snubbing and phubbing. We are all different people, and we won’t view everything in the same light, so when is arguing healthy and what does it look like? We will cover all these things in great detail, with great research and various contributions, in order to raise understanding around the complexities of human love.

Conversation Topics

Wedding Dance

Finding the love of your life

Happy Couple

Lasting, happy relationships with love interests, spouses and life partners – is the perfect relationship possible

Successful dating

Successful dating

Love at first sight

Love at first sight

Signing Marriage License

Marriage, divorce, lawyers and prenuptials – the legal considerations


Understanding and overcoming the breakup

Online Dating

Online dating – modern relationships


The difference between men and women in love


Fidelity and the warning signs of infidelity

Trusting Couple

Learning to love and trust again

Relationship Difficulties

Knowing when and how to break up


The things in a relationship you should not tolerate

Ignoring your partner

Snubbing and phubbing and generally ignoring your partner

Healthy arguing

Healthy arguing



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