Immediate Family Relations

Relations with our immediate family and those connected to them can be at times some of the best relations, and at other times some of the worst. In this section, we will be discussing eleven of the most common aspects of immediate family relations.

We will begin closest to home—our immediate family relationships and dynamics. The dynamics between brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers can all be incredibly complex, and change drastically as years pass by. Through extensive research, and ongoing professional and non-professional participation, we hope to shed light on these complexities.

Moving a slightly further away from immediate family, we will be looking at interactions and influences of close (blood) relatives: grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

The term “in-laws” for many in today’s society can conjure up feelings of either dread or love. Some view in-law visits as obligations, and for others in-laws can be close as family. We’ll discuss in depth the dynamics of in-law relationships, parents-to-be, and the parents of your loved ones.

Pursuing a relationship with someone else inevitably introduces you to current and previous people in their lives. Prior relationships can have a great impact on us and our significant others. We’ll discuss dealing with your exes and those of your partner, as well as meeting their best friends and close associates.

Successful parenting can be an incredibly difficult task, and can be further complicated when families are “blended” (step-mothers and step-fathers). We want to share research on what is most likely to improve parenting skills and produce a happy family.

We will talk about appreciating a parent’s commitment, sacrifice and love of child. Conversely, we also want to examine the difficulties and possible effects of “latch-key society,” and kids being left at home alone.

Lastly, through research we will explore one-parent families, and the difficulties, rewards, and things to consider when choosing to parent without a significant other.

Conversation Topics

Family Riding Bikes

Immediate family relationships and dynamics

Multi Generation Family

Interactions and influences with close (blood) relatives


Relationships with in-laws, parents-to-be and the parents of your loved ones


Dealing with your exes, dealing with your partner’s exes.

Group of friends at backyard bbq

Best friends, and close associates of your significant other

Blended family

Blended family relationships

Happy Family

Successful parenting


Appreciating a parent’s commitment, sacrifice and love of child

Latch Key Society

Latch key society and kids at home alone

Father with daughter

One parent families

Mother reading to her daughter

Choosing to parent without a significant other



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