Image & Uniqueness

Many of us crave uniqueness, for our goals and interests to be set apart from the majority, and for that to be shown in the way we present ourselves—our image.

Initially fourteen conversation topics will be presented in the Image & Uniqueness category.

Through these topics, professional contributors and non-professional participation, we will explore the various aspects to forming our own image and finding uniqueness in the world.

We will discuss what it means to be an individual, developing your own style and image that remains unique.

One of the most important parts to finding your individuality is loving yourself. If you don’t who will? We believe, as many do, that you are what you think, and we will illustrate how the way you think about yourself plays a direct role in being an individual.

One tension in finding individuality is in liking what others do. We will explore why we find inspiration from others, and yet want to resist the need to be like them, or why we seek uniqueness yet simultaneously desire to fit in.

We live in a society where image, whether through news, social media, advertising or celebrity, dominates a great deal of what we interact with on a daily basis. We will analyze the impact of our society’s image-orientation.

We will discuss various personal body customizations such as tattoos and piercings. The advancements of science have also allowed us to go beyond ink and piercings into physically changing the way we look through implants and surgery. We strive for perfection, removing imperfections or fighting the aging process to maintain beauty.

In the search for uniqueness, we must ask ourselves what is important to us—our likes, dislikes, styles and convictions. Identifying the things we are passionate about helps us to answer the question, “who am I?” After answering that, we can then decide what/who we want to become.

We’ll also explore different fashion statements and styles, and the way we express ourselves through the way we dress.

We will look at questioning conventional and accepted opinions, and moving beyond the influence of those around you, as it plays an integral role in forming, defining, developing and stating our opinions, perspectives, beliefs and convictions.

Lastly, we will discuss not being true to yourself about who you are, being a poser, and trying to be someone you’re not.

Through our extensive research and various contributions, we hope to reveal truths about the way we perceive our desires for uniqueness and individuality in an image-oriented society.

Conversation Topics


Being an individual, developing your own style, being unique, developing your image

Portrait of a Happy Woman

Loving yourself – if you don’t who will

Self Portrait

You are what you think


Resisting the need to be like others


The impact of media, advertising and celebrities

Plastic Surgery

Implants and surgery – looking for perfection, fighting the aging process or changing an imperfection

Getting a Tattoo - Body Modification

Personal body customization, tattoos, piercings

Clothing Rack

Fashion statements and styles

Self Reflection

Answering who am I – what do I want to be


What’s important to me – what are my likes, dislikes, style and convictions

Born this Way

Forming, defining, developing and stating our opinions, perspectives, beliefs and convictions

Group of Friends

Fitting in


Questioning conventional and accepted opinions and moving beyond the influence of those around you

Being a Fake

Being a poser – trying to be someone you’re not



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