Friends & Acquaintances

Sometimes friends drift in and out of our lives, and other times they stick around forever, and in both cases their importance should never be underestimated. In this category, we will have six different conversation topics which, through extensive research and user participation, we will examine the deep value of friendships in our lives.

We will discuss how to build friendships. It’s easy to let friends slide away with the busyness of modern day life, and maintaining them is all the more important. Part of the process is figuring out which friendships are quality friendships, and learning how to appreciate their influence on your life.

After figuring out which friendships provide lasting benefits, it’s time to recognize the bad influences. Knowing when friends are bad influences can be tough. We will be talking about things like peer pressure, which can be good in getting you out of your comfort zone, but can also influence you in the wrong way before you are aware that you’ve made some poor decisions.

We will also cover the different types of friendships: close friends, casual friends, and acquaintances. Each of these different types of friendships generally occupy different areas of our lives. To some, for example, we will tell our deepest secrets, and to others we may resist their coming too close—often for very good reason. Recognition of friends who, either knowingly or unknowingly, may use us for various purposes, such as emotional stability or financial gain, is an important consideration which we will investigate.

Thinking about friendships in these ways inevitably reveals that we have certain expectations regarding their role in our lives. We obviously don’t want to be used, nor would we want to use our friends. Surely, there are different things we look for in our friends, as well as things they may look for in us, and striking the balance between those two can be a foundation for a healthy friendship.

Analyzing our friendships is vital because it helps us understand the importance of long-term relationships in our lives. We begin to comprehend the influences that great friends can have on our lives. In doing so, we discover the qualities, attributes and characteristics that make up good friends, so that we may, in turn, learn what being a friend means to others in our lives.

Conversation Topics

Friends in a Group Hug

Building, maintaining and appreciating quality friendships

Effects of Peer Pressure

Knowing when friends are bad influences. The effects of peer pressure

Close friends and acquaintances

Differentiating between close friends, casual friends, acquaintances and friends that use

Long-term Friendship

Understanding the importance of quality long-term relationships

Support from a friend

What we should expect from friends. What they should expect from us.

Good Friends

The qualities, attributes and characteristics that make up good friends



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