You can contribute to Whizolosophy in many different ways. Browse the ways in which you can contribute below and how to submit your own contribution.

Experts, Professionals & Published Authors

In this contribution category we will welcome submissions from professionals, experts in the related Whizolosophy category and previously published authors. Those with the appropriate experience, notoriety and credentials to be considered an expert in the category are welcome to submit published studies, papers and surveys, the results of the studies and surveys and subsequent outcomes and realizations from the research.

This forum offers an opportunity for those with extensive knowledge on any of the 54 major categories or 645 conversation topics, to share their wisdom, opinions, perspectives, insights and findings with Whizolosophy readers.

Wisdom sharing that, we believe, will have significant impact on readers and our world.

Who contributes – Experts, Professionals & Published Authors

Reporters, Writers, Columnists, Editors

Over the last 300 years or so, the media (newspapers in particular) and the writers, reporters, columnists and editors that work in the media, have played a huge role in educating and informing the public in many, if not all, of the Whizolosophy subjects.

Over this time, they’ve played the role of investigator, reporter, advisor, watch dog, and even educators.

They’ve enlightened, amused and informed us and its likely that there is no subject or topic that affects human life that has not been covered by the media in numerous, colourful and varied ways.

Here, we are seeking contributions from the newspaper, magazine, online media hoping that they will share articles, stories, opinion pieces, columns and features directly related to the Whizolosophy topics.

Who Contributes – Writers, Reporters, Columnists, Editors, People working in the media (newspaper, magazine, online or broadcast)           

Science, Research, Fact Based Data

In the past much of what we understood, how we conducted ourselves, the decisions we made and what we felt we knew for certain was being directly guided by our personal experiences, our beliefs, superstitions, what we’d been taught and the random beliefs of others.

So much of what we believed then about the issues and subjects that affect us as humans can now be verified, disputed and disproven by science, and analysis.

Interestingly fact, evidence and proof though won’t be nearly as influential as how we feel, what we want to believe, or what others close to us think, but its important that we consider the facts, the undeniable truth when developing our perspectives, opinions and when determining what’s important to us.

Here we are encouraging scientists, researchers and others involved in the collection and analysis of proof-based information to share their facts, findings, studies, surveys, statistical research and opinions with our viewers.

Who Contributes – This category is restricted to scientists, researchers or others employed or connected to the field of science.

Education & Institutional Learning

We are certain that much of the most astute observations, the clearest thoughts and perspectives with regards to the Whizolosophy topics will come from today’s youth.

They are closer to the issues and understand the challenges that effect youth in today’s day and age. They can relate to the struggles unique to their generation and present solutions that their peers can understand and relate to. We hope in this Contribution Category that students will share their related essays, thesis reports and classroom submissions. We also hope that students will chime in on any of the subjects with their observations, opinions and insights.

Educators also have an up close and personal understanding of the issues of today. So many of the Whizolosophy subjects play themselves out regularly as part of the school day in schools all across the world. Teachers witness, first hand, the consequences, benefits and outcomes and offer valuable insights.

Teachers, educators, education administrators are all encouraged to contribute opinions, observations, perspectives and thoughts.

We are also hoping that teachers will utilize the reams of divers and readily available information from the Whizolosophy Website to craft outstanding classroom instruction that they will share with their students and then subsequently share their class plans with other teachers.

Who Contributes – Teachers, Students, School Administrators, Teachers Assistants & Aids, Deans, Professors, anyone with direct ties to the Educational systems.

Public Opinion & Contributions

Many believe that the best way to open mindedness, and thorough understanding forming a well-thought out perspective is best attained by considering the varied and unbridled opinions, perspectives, thoughts and knowledge of others – many others.

Here, we’ll encourage the public to share personal experiences, perspectives, opinions and beliefs in an effort to inform and enlighten and to shorten the arduous and mammoth chore of having to experience and to learn it all on your own.

Who Contributes – Everyone, Anyone with an opinion, knowledge or perspective they’d like to share. Please, nothing hurtful, nothing hateful, nothing completely racist, slanderous or inciting, no propaganda or extremism

Religious Perspective

Its interesting, thought provoking, eye opening and often controversial to consider life from a religious point of view.

Here we are, encouraging religious leaders, devout followers and non-believers to share their thoughts about our topics. We want to know what does Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism or other religious texts have to say. What does the Agnostic think? How about the Atheist. We hope that those in the know will contribute sermons, religious articles and columns, excerpts from scripture, or religious text with regard to our categories or conversation topics.

Who Contributes – Theologians, Religious Leaders & Followers, Comments & Contributions from those who believe in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism or any other religious belief. Atheists & Agnostics are welcome to share their perspectives as are the public believer or not.

Esoteric Wisdom. Spiritual Beliefs & Awareness

For many, defining the difference between religion and spirituality is difficult, seemingly separated by a very fine line.

Spirituality, Consciousness and Esoteric Wisdom seem closely associated with but not exclusive to beliefs like Taoism, Confucianism, Zen, Tantra, Yoga, Meditation and other beliefs and ways. We hope that spiritual leaders, Yogis, Shaman, Magi and others so inclined will share their thoughts, spiritual understanding, beliefs, articles, opinions and excerpts from their scripture(s) or doctrine to help inform and clarify their truths, beliefs and positions related, of course, to the Whizolosophy topics.

Who Contributes – Those experiences & knowledgeable in spiritual ways and beliefs. Yogis, Shamans & those knowledgeable in esoteric wisdom. Leaders, Followers & Believers in Taoism, Confuc-Ianism, Zen, Tantra, Yoga, Meditation or any other spiritual enlightenment or development form.

Cultural Considerations

Its our differences, our cultural uniqueness, societal nuances and varied views that make this world such a great, diverse and wonderful place.

Sharing, understanding and valuing these cultural experiences, perspectives, views and ways of life will help sculpt us into knowledgeable, open-minded, well rounded and universal human beings. There is so much to learn from others and so many benefits if we can only open our minds

We hope to hear from the community leaders of different ethnic and cultural origins, from immigrants, expats to nationalists, second or third, even fourth generation citizens. Those who wish to share their ethnicity and cultural ways as they relate to the Whizolosophy categories.

Contributors can share an opinion, a report, an excerpt from Biblical or traditional text. Anything that might help inform us, bring us together, unite us, while still allowing room for out ethnic differences, our cultural uniqueness to flourish and shine.

Who Contributes – Educators, Professors, Cultural Researchers & Reporters, Authors, Community Leaders, Religious & Spiritual Leaders, Immigrants, Expats, Second – Third – Fourth Generation Citizens and the public at large.

Historical Perspectives

In this contribution category we are hoping to understand the role that history and bygone times play in our view of the major issues that affect us today.

We want to understand how the Whizolosophy subjects might have been viewed in a different time. How the ideals, values and views might have influenced our actions, thoughts and emotions then and how it might be different today.

We understand that much of what we hope to glean here will come from historians and documentation that accurately details historical beliefs and perspectives. References from literature can also be shared as a way of helping us understand the difference between generation and the generations our forefathers, advances we’ve made and the different ways in which we view and react to this ‘new’ world, how far we’ve come and if there are clues to where we might be headed.

But, its also recollections and memories from the public, their comments about yesterday and today as it relates to any of the given Whizolosophy topics we know will be beneficial.

Who Contributes – Researchers, Documenters, Authors, Historians, Curators & Experts from the world of Literature & Members of the Public ‘experienced’ enough to have earned a historical point of view.

Anecdotal & Amusing

Here we are encouraging you to contribute short stories, stories with a message that you’ve read along the way or document and share your own experiences if they have a special message or something that can be learned. Life lessons; literature, children’s books, Aesop and other fables can also educate through a story with a moral message.

Old wives’ tales also inform and entertain even though these old beliefs have been confirmed false through research and science, others are amazingly accurate and valuable even to this day.

Superstitions, hearsay, things believed to be true but now found false will all help us to view, understand and be amused.

Who Contributes – Everyone who has a short story with a message to share.

Charts, Graphs & Other Visual Aids

As humans we get charts and graphs. They make it easy for us to understand at a glance what a thousand words may not clarity.

For many of us, nothing more clearly presents data and statistical information than a chart, graph or visual, graphic presentation.

We are certain that if a subject (like the subjects and topics being covered on the Whizolosophy Website) has been covered to any degree its likely a graph, chart or visual aid has been developed.

Here we are hoping that chart, graph and visual aid creators, publishers, scientists, researchers and the public at large will contribute graphs, charts and other graphic material they feel is relevant to the Whizolosophy topics.

Who Contributes – Graphic designers, Chart & Graph Creators, Publishers, Scientists, Researchers and the public at large.

Visual Contributions

At we believe, like most, that a picture as well as other forms of art truly can tell a story, communicate a message, inform, educate and entertain, all without a word being spoken or written.

In this contributor category we want you to share photos, images, videos, pictures, paintings, sketches and any other art form that you believe to be subject related, appropriate and informative. We hope the images will inspire and educate. The art you share in this particular category will be the work of someone other than yourself that has previously been shared (with the public) in a public form.

Who Contributes – Anyone who has art (in any form) that they believe adds positively to the Whizolosophy topic.


In this contribution category we are developing a view of the Whizolosophy Major Categories and Conversation topics as seen through the eye of the camera and the directors that direct the video that inform, entertain, inspire and move us in ways that no other medium can.

There is no doubt that writers, directors, film makers and Hollywood present an interesting take on many of the subjects and issues that affect us as humans. They’ve written, directed and acted in video productions about everything from values, relationships, tragedy, happiness, heartache, crime, atrocities and everything in between. Often the interpretations are as varied and unique as the film makers themselves.

Some of the subjects have been covered more extensively than others, some seem to move us or resonate more with us but it’s hard to deny that we’ve been moved and informed by video and by the people that represent the film industry.

We hope that professionals and amateur film makers will share video that they have created or subject related video that has already been seen in a public forum. (Amateur video makers can create video montages or home movies/videos). Video submission might be from YouTube or shared elsewhere. It could be a related T.E.D. talk, a short video, a movie clip, a movie trailer, a speech or segments of full length movie or documentary. It could even be a commercial that speaks directly to the topic theme.

Who Contributes – Professional Film Makers, Movie Companies, Ad & Movie Agencies, T.E.D. Talk, others related to the Professional Film Industry & Amateur Film Makers.


Ever since the advent of radio, listeners have been entertained and informed on pretty much any subject or activity that affects us as humans.

Radio programs like ‘This I Believe’ went a step farther by prying deep into the human psyche, trying to determine what matters to us as humans.

In this contribution category we are hoping those with the knowledge, capability and necessary equipment will help by piecing together audio including radio clips, commercials, special commentary and programming, into entertaining, thought provoking subject related audio.

Who Contributes – Audio industry experts or members of the public with desire and ability to create audio montages.

Music & Music Videos

It’s very likely that nothing or no one has a greater impact on how we think, feel, react or learn than music.

Music is with us almost always, at all stages, ages and important events and times in our lives.

Music makes us laugh, cry and remember. Music motivates and incites us. It touches our heart and it makes us think. Every important subject, issue, event or emotion that affects us as humans likely has been written about and performed for our entertainment.

Millions of artists have written, recorded and performed millions of songs, billions of times in countless languages and music genre. With the advent of music video our experience and understanding is deeper, more fulfilling than ever before.

In this contribution category we’re hoping that you will share the music that’s moved you; a song that’s changed your life or how you feel. A song you believe will have the same impact on others.

Whether you are an artist, song writer, music executive or just someone who loves music and wants to share its value with others, we want you to contribute.

Share a song, a video or subject related line or two, a verse, a chorus, the lyrics or sheet music. Tell us the name of the song, the artist, recording company or share the details of a video you believe addresses a major category or any of the Whizolosophy subjects or topics.

Who Contributes – Song Writers, Music Executives & Companies, Video Producers, Performers & the general public.

The Lighter Side

Most of the material and views contributed to the website will be factual, proven, serious and professional. This contribution category is different but no less important.

The Lighter Side will entertain us and help us to laugh at and view differently our personal situation and life in general.

The value of these contributions is more than just entertainment. Many are thought provoking and educational as well.

Here we will encourage comedians, cartoonists, joke tellers and the public at large to contribute their favourite, topic related, stand up comedy acts, or comedy clips, one-liners, jokes, cartoons or comic strips to this contribution category.

Who Contributes – Comedians, Cartoonists, Joke Tellers, the Public at large

Recommended (Subject/Topic Related) Materials

In this contribution category we hope our readers will help by identifying and recommending quality subject related materials, including books, documentaries, websites, movies, magazines, online news and reports, other publications, columns, features and articles.

If you know of a song or two, a music video, TV, radio or online programming, share it as well.

By recommending subject related materials and where to find the information or resource, you will assist greatly in the process of simplifying the search and thoroughly educating the world.

The findings and results of research, surveys and studies will also be valuable. So will subject related personality testing and profiling.

Who Contributes – Anyone. Everyone

Creative Writing

We’re all story tellers at heart. In fact, from almost the beginning or ‘our’ time humans have used stories to communicate with others. For some reason, for many it just seems the easiest way of communicating or comprehending a message.

It may be our voice, not our thumbs, that most sets us apart from all other living creatures, Our ability to verbalize our fears, likes, concerns, warnings and knowledge with others, when you add a little lyric, prose, a poem, often its hard to forget the message or its meaning.

In this contribution category writers, poets and our viewers will be asked to share short stories, essays, literary compositions, poetry and any other form of writing that they have read or written and believe to be informative and relative to the Whizolosophy subjects.

Who Contributes – Authors, Writers, Poets & Aspiring Writers from the public

Notables in their Fields. Examples of Success

There are a lot of people, experts if you will, in each and every one of the categories that make up the Whizolosophy Website.

These experts are studying, working on and reporting their findings on these subjects. The have insight that we can learn from,; perspectives worth considering, knowledge that we can emulate. Studying these individuals and recognizing their achievements will help to short cut the process of having to learn it all on our own.

In this contribution category we hope that friends, colleagues and associates and the public at large will help us compile an extensive list of the experts and notables in their fields, people we can learn from, the examples of success we will want to know.

Who Can Contribute – Colleagues, Associates, Professionals, Experts & Friends, & the Public at large

To The Point

In this category the Whizolosophy editorial staff will sift through the reams of material daily, in an effort to determine the most relevant pieces of information and advice.

Our goal will be to condense the information into something insightful, bite-sized and to the point.

Readers will benefit by getting the details as concisely as possible. Only the most important advice, perspectives and knowledge will be shared here. No fluff. No unnecessary descriptives. No science. No proof or justification.

In this category the Whizolosophy editorial staff will research, summarize and present the four-star advice, advice most can agree on in a way that makes it palatable, valuable and to the point.

Who Can Contribute – The Whizolosophy Editorial Staff


We see and hear them every day. They are displayed on calendars and greeting cards, posters and on the walls of our favourite haunts. ‘Quotes’ can be inspiring, insightful, life changing and definitely add to Whizolosophy conversation in a way that’s clear, well thought out and concise. Many of the quotes we read today and find relevant and worth considering span thousands of years in time and come from all over the world which of course will help broaden our perspective and understanding.

We hope our readers will help by contributing quotes to the appropriate Whizolosophy category. These quotes can be previously published quotes from the famous or not so famous. They can be well known or not so well known or even created for the reader themselves. All we ask is that the quote is accurate and the quote writer is identified.

Who Contributes – Anyone who has a quote to share.

The Artists Share

At we believe that artists, and the many forms of artistic expression they create, play significant roles in helping us to understand and appreciate the human experience.

Of the course, the inspiration for much of the art that we enjoy comes from the conditions and experiences that most significantly affect us as humans. The same themes are featured throughout the study.

In this category we hope to inspire aspiring artistes, artists from any artistic genre, type or form to contribute their artistic creations to the appropriate Major Category or topic of conversation.

Whether it’s a sonnet, poem, essay, picture, painting, or any other form of art – as long as it significantly relates to one of our themes.

Chose a theme, craft your art and submit it for the world to see.

Artists can use the Whizolosophy Website as a free forum for your artistic submissions. We will also recognize outstanding contributions daily, award bursaries.

Who Can Contribute – Musicians, Singers, Sculptors, Illustrators, Painters, Writers, Poets. Any and all forms of artistic creation.

Editor’s Choice

At we believe that the self education and personal insight and introspection is very important stuff and we are certain viewers will agree.

By sharing our knowledge, perspective, insights and wisdom we can leave a legacy of life altering information for this generation and for many generations that follow.

Information that will change fortunes, outcomes and eventualities for the individual and our world.

We expect reams upon reams upon reams of perspective, advice and wisdom.

In fact, we believe the biggest challenge for readers might be determining what’s relevant and valuable from the reams of detail.

Daily we will publish the editor’s choice from each of the categories, the material we believe to be the most important, insightful and valuable from that day’s contributions.

Certainly we are not suggesting we understand what you need or what’s important to you. So we’ll encourage you to determine that for yourself. Dig deeper if you like.

But, as a general rule, the daily editor’s choice will aim to identify the four-star information. The information that’s certain to have the greatest impact on the greatest number of viewers.

Who Contributes – The Whizolosophy Editorial Staff

Whizolosophy Online Survey

In this Contribution category we hope you will help us by filling in a short online survey.

The Whizolosophy Survey, we believe, will help to identify trends, generally held beliefs, human actions and inclinations and a clearer view of why we do what we do and who does what.

It is our hope that the accumulation of contributor thoughts expressed through the survey will help by providing insight for our viewers.

All valuable information, we believe, for the individual to consider when contemplating and developing their own positions and beliefs on life’s most important subjects.

The subject survey will be brief and to the point and it should take no more than 10 minutes (each) to complete.

Who Contributes – We’ll create and present the online survey topic and questions.

Whizolosophy Forum

In the Whizolosophy Public Forum we will be inviting anyone and everyone to join in the ongoing conversations related to any of the Major Categories or the Conversation topics that make up the world’s greatest database for personal and planet improvement.

It’s a great opportunity for you to share knowledge, insights and opinions, to engage in debate or consider the opinions, views and perspectives of others, including seasoned blogger Sheri Smith.

You can interact with others, contribute to the ‘current question’ conversation or bring up a topic that’s close to your heart.

You can offer up suggestions, complaints, accounts or comments about anything including our website or you can simply rant or rave or sit back and be entertained and informed by the heated debates certain to take place around life’s most important and controversial topics.

Who Contributes – Anyone. Everyone

Top 24

Over and over throughout our lives we are exposed to adages, quotes, and advice to live by.

Sometimes the advice is direct and to the point. In other cases, we’re forced to stop and think about the message and what we can learn. What they all have in common is that they are concise, educational and memorable.

These words and pieces are well known to us. We repeat them often. Many, in fact, are part of our every day vocabulary. Phrases like –  Don’t count your chickens ……; The pen is mightier than the ……; Time is of the ……; The grass is greener on ……; Be careful what you ……; and so many others, are so common that most can finish the sentence without any trouble at all.

In this Contribution Category we hope that the general public will help us to identify and document as many of those phrases as possible by submitting a list of their 24 favourite pieces of life advice. Make it your personal favourites and don’t worry that they may be on someone else’s list.

Who Contributes – Anyone. Everyone

Introspection Worksheets

What we all really want and need to know is who we are, what makes us happy, what we’re good at, what we like, who we like and what really matters to us.

At the heart of it that’s what Whizolosophy is; it’s the study of the individual, the study of ourselves.

Yes, there’s lots of contributing and sharing, perspectives and opinions. But from that, some personal soul searching and personal assessment and with any luck, a whole lot of personal insight.

Introspection worksheets are a tremendous opportunity to realize the real us, our feelings, strengths, weaknesses, our potential and more. They are direct, personal insights into ourselves, an opportunity to search ourselves and find the answers to what makes us tick personally.

In this way we can pre-empt the accidental life, take control and direct our lives in directions that utilize the best of us and help us get the most out of our lives.

In this category we will pose the Introspection topic and give you some things to consider before you take a deep look inside yourself.

These worksheets are not scientific, nor will they let you know where you sit with regards to everyone else. They are the deepest, most often hidden beliefs and thoughts you have about yourself and others and your life.

We believe the Introspection topics presented in each of the Major Categories are the subjects that matter most to the majority of us.

We’re sure there are others that we will identify and address as time goes on – you can suggest a topic if you like.

Who Contributes – We’ll create the Introspection worksheets, topic and descriptions.  You fill them in.


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