How do you define wisdom? What is the true meaning of knowledge? There are any number of definitions, and we're going to try and share them in this section. Topics include:

  • The pursuit of knowledge: constant curiosity and learning

  • Continuing education, structured learning and its benefits

  • Pros and cons of current school systems

  • Street smarts vs. book learning

  • Timeless wisdom

And more.

Wisdom and knowledge come from many directions – from our families, from teachers, from books and film and so much more. We often don't understand the importance of this wisdom and where it comes from, so Whizolosophy is hoping to explore these concepts and share that knowledge with our readers.

We hope to consider such concepts as how knowledge is born and nurtured, through reading, curiosity and constant learning. Let's look at the ways that we learn and grow our knowledge base: the wisdom of the ages, and how we share it; the shaping of young minds through education and whether our systems are doing the best they can; education of children and people with special needs; the need to constantly learn through life; stimulating the mind through reading, games and other concepts; and more.