There are a lot of things we see when looking at people that cause us to say “wow, that is unattractive.” We look at what these might be, and how we can avoid them, including:

  • Recognizing unlikeable qualities

  • Ego, narcissism and boastfulness

  • The difference between confidence and arrogance

  • Self-confidence and self-pity

  • Dishonesty and unreliability

  • Personal hygiene problems

And more.

Some people are vain, some are holier-than-thou, some are all about themselves. Some people complain all the time and exude negativity. Some people are rude and condescending. The world has many different types of people; our task is to share these qualities and encourage readers to avoid them if possible. Let's talk about the tricks and tips that lead us away from these negatives and towards positives – and how to deal with people who express these qualities.

How do you deal with that one friend who is always playing the martyr or caught in the throes of temperament? What is the balancing point between pessimism and over-the-top optimism? When is it time to confront a friend about their narrow-mindedness and encourage them to think more broadly? We hope that Whizolosophers can help us illustrate these issues and provide their thoughts on avoiding unattractive qualities.