This old Earth has come a long way since it spun out of the cosmic dust (or since someone spun it... but that discussion was for the last category). Let's look towards the future – how the world will change... and whether or not we destroy it. Topics featured include:

  • Today's world and how it has changed so quickly over recent years

  • How to reverse the trends and actions that have negatively affected our world

  • Technology and its rapid advance

  • The drive of man's curiosity and where it takes us

  • Working with our youth – empathy and understanding across generations

And more.

So. Where are we going? Nobody really knows; the future changes just as quickly as we can imagine it. Should that scare us, though? With all that's going on in the world these days, it's hard not to imagine things going sour just around the corner, but is it worth our time to be worried about that? That's a tough question, but we can look back in our history and look at all the times we were asking the same question before and pulled through, and take heart from that as we move forward.

In the meantime, let's talk about how we shape the future: supporting the youth of our current world, sharing the curiosity that we as a species has held close for most of our existence, and encourage them to continue taking what was impossible just a few years ago and making it commonplace. Most importantly, let's look at how to keep the world on a course that won't lead towards destruction, but one that can lead humanity into an exciting, long-lasting, happy and healthy future.