When you pass, what kind of world do you want to leave for the next generation? That's the big question in this category – and more importantly, we want to look at what can be done to make the changes needed to leave things the way you want. Topics include:

  • Positive and negative impacts of our industries

  • Disposable society and its problems

  • Population explosion and its effects

  • The disparity between rich and poor

  • What can we do – sharing wisdom as guidance

And more.

The world needs some assistance, that much is obvious when you look around. It's taking a beating from our disposable society and our urge to consume far more than we truly need. Whether it's overuse of our natural resources such as mining and forestry, the changing face of farming and food supply, or our environmental impact, there are many things humanity must really consider if it wants to stick around for a while.

But, how do we manage that? We are a fractured planet, with war and international disputes around the globe. What exactly can we do to change all of this? Well – let's hear it, Whizolosophers: what's your plan for saving the world? What can we do as an individual, as a community, as a government and nation? Should we regulate industry more closely, pass laws, raise standards? Let's create a pool of wisdom that we can give to the next generations so they have a comfortable place to live for as long as humanity is around.