Hoo boy. Here's a topic that many people prefer to avoid. Not Whizolosophy! There's so much to sex and sexuality to think about. Let's consider the following topics, among others:

  • Sexuality as a broad concept

  • Statistics on sex and sexuality

  • Healthy sexuality, from the teens on up

  • Challenges that come up and involve sex

  • Safe sex and consequences

That's a small segment of what we can talk about in this section. Whizolosophy is focused on helping people live healthy, happy lives, and sex is a big part of that. We hope our visitors will provide their insight on many aspects of sexuality. Let's talk about teenage sexuality, premarital sex and why we have sex (the right and wrong reasons); discuss safe sex and protection, and the consequences that can come from avoiding that important part of the process: sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancies, abortion, adoption, and more.

How do men and women approach sexuality, and what are the differences we see from both sides in a genetic, historic and current sense? We as humans have quite a drive to have sex, an infatuation with the bodies of our fellows, and at the same time we have challenges like sexual dysfunction, low libido and other issues. Whizolosophy would like to provide thoughts and approaches to dealing with these and many more aspects of sexuality.