In our Sexual Relations topic we discussed some of the emotional and physical aspects of sexuality. In this section we look deeper at some of the concepts surrounding sex. Topics include:

  • Sexual relationships and preferences

  • Celibacy and abstinence as choices

  • Kinks and out of the ordinary practices

  • Eroticism – what turns us on and why

Today, more than ever, there is a vast amount of discussion about sexuality in terms of gender, preferences and many other aspects. Whizolosophy's goal here is to explore these concepts and discuss the need to understand and accept the vast range of interests that humans experience and share. We hope that our readers will be able to share their own thoughts on sexual preferences. Let's talk about heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality, and the range of sexualities that are known. Consider gender versus sexuality, and the behaviours that might come up in sex and sexuality.

At the same time, we want to discuss some of the more challenging areas of sexuality, where legal issues may come into play and more. Let's talk about monogamy, polygamy, polyamory and personal preferences – and how they are treated in law. What can we learn and share about the sex trade? There is a lot of attention paid to sexual harassment at all levels of celebrity; what kinds of acts, attitudes and advances are acceptable and unacceptable to society? There's plenty to talk about here, and we encourage our viewers to get involved.