Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. Our internal view on ourselves can be overwhelmingly negative and drive us to do things that we later regret – if we can regret them at all. Topics include:

  • How low self-esteem, self-hate and similar behaviours can lead to negative consequences

  • Self-destructive behaviour

  • Self-harm and suicide: why some people take thes esteps

  • Recognizing and silencing that critical inner voice

  • Dealing with depression and suicidal tendencies

And more.

“I'm awful at this.” “They don't really want to be around me, I'm boring.” “My family hates me because I'm different from them.” There are so many ways in which we talk down to ourselves, tell ourselves that we are the problem, ignore our positives for the negatives. Sabotaging ourselves is easy, and many people do it – with frightening consequences. Psychological problems, depression, self-abuse such as cutting and, in the most extreme cases, suicide can all come from these negative tendencies.

We hope to explore the reasons behind why people sabotage themselves and the routes that can lead to more serious self-harm behaviours. Let's look at the problems that can lead to negative feelings about ourselves, and figure out why some people self-destruct. Consider how our surroundings can be affected – relationships, financial well-being, the respect of others, and more can be influencing factors. Hopefully we can identify the consequences and change the behaviours of people who may be leaning towards these dangerous activities.