If anything is valuable to any one person, it has to be their rights and freedoms – the right to do many things to benefit their lives safely and without prejudice. We look at a number of concepts, including:

  • Equal rights: what does this truly mean?

  • Personal belief and their protection

  • Censorship and free speech

  • What's appropriate, inappropriate and who decides

  • What freedoms do we have and how do they benefit us?

We hear references to having the 'right to free speech' constantly these days, but there are many ways in which our rights are defined and outlined in the various documents that form things like the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the US Constitution, and more. Our hope is that Whizolosophers can share their own views on fundamental human rights from their country, race, gender or otherwise unique viewpoint.

We also want to explore how rights and freedoms are expressed, how they are sometimes suppressed, and how they have spread to encompass so much more than just a few basics. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights encourages us to eliminate distinctions of all kinds, such as race, colour, sex, language and more. The world has many ways in which rights and freedoms are defined: let us know, how do you define rights and freedoms, and what is their importance to you?