Government is, at its worst, a nuisance that costs us money, causes conflicts, and never seems to do much of anything else for us. Politics is a wide-ranging area to explore, but

we hope to discuss topics like:

  • Why do we need government?

  • Political systems and how they work

  • Responsibilities of elected officials

  • Taxation and how it is used

  • Elections: why should we vote, and who should be able to vote?

And more.

Understanding how we are governed is not easy for all citizens to do as they study our government structures. Federal governments doing one thing, provinces doing another, municipalities seeming to be on their own: it's a tough web to sort through. We welcome expert discussion and reader input on the concepts of governance and politics, whether educational or philosophical in nature.

Our hope is to look at multiple political systems, to compare and contrast democracy with other approaches such as communism, and to explore things like how governments support their public through public outreach departments, programs and agencies. Let's look at taxation as well: who pays the bills for our regions, cities and countries. How do we fit into the puzzle when it comes to governance, beyond elections, and how does national pride and our love for country play into government operations?