Through everyone's lives, they grow and transform based on education, experience and environments around them. The process of personal development shapes who we are. In this area, topics include:

  • Development of basic life skills
  • Personal growth, change and transformation
  • Taking personal responsibility and being independent
  • Taking pride in ourselves
  • Recognizing faults and weaknesses, and addressing them

In the pursuit of personal development, there are many steps – and many pitfalls to avoid. We must be flexible, adaptable and able to adjust to these happenings on the fly if we want to be the person we were truly meant to be. Under this category, we hope that Whizolosophers can help by sharing their own approaches to personal development and the ways that have brought them success. What motivations have helped, and how can they be shared with others?

In addition, personal development has many requirements – things like patience, honesty with ourselves, and more. We hope to provide an overview of all these concepts, and how a constant and ongoing evaluation of our selves is important to ensuring that we reach the goals we set, and through improving ourselves improve the lives around us as well.