Improving oneself requires changing oneself in ways both big and small. Accepting that fact is one of the first steps to self-improvement and advancing ourselves. Topics feature:

  • The stages of change

  • Embracing change and personal growth

  • Know yourself: who and what you want to be

  • Identifying the things that must change

  • Becoming what you were meant to be – and what you need to be

Change starts small, but can be a big part of life. People pursuing self-improvement often spend plenty of time contemplating the potential changes that they must make, how to prepare for it, how to maintain their lives, and many more strategies. We hope to look at these potential steps in making a change – and how to ensure that we can embrace change and personal growth as a way of life.

Knowing what you want to be is a great starting point, but there always seems to be something in the way, blocking that need for change. Why are we so resistant to change, and how do we get past that? At the same time, there are parts of our lives that absolutely must change, but we often have trouble identifying them: learning how to get past that is a huge step in becoming what we need to be, and advancing past what we already are.