“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” This quote, from Mahatma Gandhi, is an excellent illustration of the concepts we wish to explore in this category. Topics include:

  • Forgiveness and healthy relationships

  • Reaching peace – but not necessarily reconciliation

  • Retaliation versus forgiveness

  • Letting go of grudges

  • Forgiving ourselves for personal errors

The strength to forgive someone for their transgressions is an attribute of personal power that many people take for granted. Instead, many would prefer to pursue revenge for hurtful events, holding a grudge to the end. How do you Whizolosophers handle finding it in your hearts to forgive others? How do you deal with those who hurt you when you don't want to? What is your plan for finding forgiveness?

Finding peace and forgiveness with others is an important way to make ourselves happier in life. This category will help share understanding on how our health, attitudes and daily life is improved by the ability to forgive – and how it makes the world around us better. We also hope to share ideas on how to tell when you're ready to take that step – and on what terms it can be done.