To be truly healthy, we need to understand and recognize the all-around needs of our bodies and how wellness is a holistic approach rather than just one thing at a time. Topics featured here include:

  • Wellness as a concept: physical, emotional, spiritual, mental

  • What kills us and how to avoid it for a long, healthy life

  • Stress and how to reduce it

  • Finding a wellness approach that fits for you – doctor, philosophy and regime

  • Medical myths

  • Self-healing and self-management

And so much more.

In the grand scheme of things, health is a collection of things that run the gamut from how we approach our fitness to the outside influences that we must incorporate in our wellness philosophy. Today's world stresses us out so much that it's important to know how to avoid or reduce it. How important is a good night's sleep to how we feel, how should we approach conventional versus natural medicine, and who can we truly trust when so much is at stake?

We discuss with our experts the things that people should consider when it comes to monitoring health: regular checkups, monitoring basic symptoms and conditions to measure our own health, and how to deal with illness and injury – when it's time to get more help than you can provide at home. We discuss issues with aging, medical myths, common health knowledge, and the benefits of alternative medicine like chiropractic, physiotherapy and so forth. We'll also look at common conditions today, both physical and mental, and explore the needs for treatment, management and other approaches to these common issues.