Beyond family, friends and acquaintances, we have many more individual relationships that must be managed and maintained. Our topics will include such areas as:

  • Work relationships: handling management and coworkers

  • Getting along with neighbours

  • Dealing with people of authority (teachers, parents, coaches, officials)

  • Avoiding bad relationships

There are people of all kinds all around us constantly, and we must keep in mind that they are just as important as any others in our lives. We want to explore the ways in which we can ensure these wide-ranging relationships are successful and beneficial in both directions. Our hope is to look at concepts like acceptance of all – everyone wants to be liked, and we should try to do what we can to do so.

We hope to explore such relationships as those with people whose backgrounds, beliefs and cultures are different from our own. We also want to provide insight on how to recognize and avoid negative influences on us – users, takers and others. Let's talk about bridging generation gaps in our relationships. We can even look at our relationships with pets – after all, they are everyone's best friends.