There are many techniques that people use to calm themselves, to relax, to find the time for introspection, and so forth. These practices can help ease a busy day or bring us back down when we're upset. Topics include:

  • Slowing down – enjoying the simple things

  • Experiencing the individual as a whole

  • Optimism combined with realism

  • Contentedness through simplicity

  • Achieving inner peace

Everyone needs to slow down sometimes; there are plenty of ways to do so, and some exploration can help us discover the right methods for us. Let's hear from our experts and Whizolosophers about their preferred techniques: was meditation the right approach for you, and why? Maybe yoga has helped people relax their bodies while clearing their minds. There are any number of other approaches to consider.

When our brains are constantly turned on, sometimes it's important to turn them off – practice the concept of non-thinking, clearing the mind, and not worrying about the past or the future. In the process, we can pare back the things that clutter ourselves and connect with our true core values. Finding the things we truly want and need help us to reduce our requirements, simplify, and determine just how much – or how little – we need to be content.