Emotions are difficult – boy, are they difficult. Some of us may not show a lot of emotion, others wear their heart on their sleeve. Mood and emotion convey so much of our personality that they're impossible to overlook. We explore topics like:

  • How mood and emotion influences our thoughts and physical actions

  • Why we lean more on emotion than logic

  • Moods and emotions, positive and negative, that are key to health and well-being

  • Managing our mood

  • Mood disorders and medication to level them out

We have a love-hate relationship with our emotions. One minute, we're happy and comfortable, the next we're anxious, stressed and pained. Our experts and readers are invited to share the way in which mood and emotional changes affect our thinking, decision-making and actions. We also look at how even negative emotions are important to our lives in some ways, as well as how emotions dictate how we relate to life.

Managing our moods and emotions can be key to strong relationships and a happy life; recognizing when a negative emotion is spinning out of control and no longer useful is important, as is recognizing the different types of emotions we all face. Growing numbers of people dealing with mood disorders is another area we'll look at: consider such disorders as depression and anxiety, and all their ancillary concerns; they can be treated with a variety of drugs, but are there other ways to manage these issues as well?