Success in life does require some cash flow, as much as we might prefer otherwise. Learning how to manage money and finances can ensure that we are able to pursue our goals in life. Topics include:

  • Living within our means

  • Investment and savings – the value of interest

  • Why are we compelled to spend?

  • Credit, debt and borrowing versus earning

  • Strategies for creating a positive credit history

  • The science of getting rich

  • Earning it yourself versus get-rich-quick schemes

One of the first things everyone learns when it comes to money is that it's important to put money away for later, but understanding how to make that work over time is a challenge. How do you do it? Let's explore finance with our experts and viewers, and build an understanding of things like investment techniques, handling sudden windfalls without going on spending sprees, preventing ourselves from falling into the consumer culture, and more.

Everyone wants to buy a home: how do you do it, and how do you afford it? What are the things we need to know about banking, financial advisors and so forth? How do we avoid falling into bad debt? There are so many facets to finance that it's a great idea to investigate what the pros say before your hard-earned money goes too far – down the drain.