From those first crushes when we realize that boys and girls are different to the long, lasting loves of later years, our lives are often intertwined with our closest loving relationships. Topics to be considered in this section cover a variety of areas, including:

  • Love, and finding “the one”

  • Defining the perfect relationship – if it's possible

  • Success in dating

  • Breakups: how to manage when they happen

  • And much more

We start dating, meet partners that last a short or long time, find someone that we want to spend our lives with, and pledge ourselves to them. But how do we find a true, happy, successful match through this extended dance? We ask Whizolosophers to provide their insight on love, dating and marriage: tell us if you've ever experienced love at first sight, and how it went. Talk about the ways in which men and women experience, express and face love differently – if at all. Explore the modern dating scene and the challenges that such concepts as online dating bring with them.

There's so much to consider in our intimate relationships that it's hard for any one opinion to truly fit the experiences of others, so we hope to look at this topic from as many directions as we can. Healthy relationships have their moments, certainly, and we want to discuss those times when we just can't agree and arguments ensue. We also need to look at the warning signs: signals suggesting infidelity, partners snubbing their loved ones, and other intolerable actions. It's a broad and challenging topic, but one that can certainly be navigated with some help.