What is the meaning of life? Boy, is that the question of the century – or at least one of them. There are a lot of weighty questions out there that we don't necessarily have an answer for – or that we have many answers for. Topics include:

  • The meaning of life – and does human life have any meaning at all?

  • What is our individual purpose or destiny?

  • Where did the universe come from, and what else (or who else) is out there?

  • Is there life after death? Are there truly Heaven and Hell?

  • What is the world's greatest problem, and can it be solved?

  • What in the world is truly important – is there something we can all agree on?

There are some deep concepts to be discussed in this section that range from very personal topics – our individual purpose, our belief structure, what you would worry about if you were dying – to broader concerns – the destiny of man, what comes after mankind, the existence of life on other planets, and more. Many of these topics will have a different answer from people in different places and from different cultures: that's the joy of Whizolosophy – let's hear your view and talk about it.

Deeper thoughts can be turned towards the future and the vastness that surrounds us – whether or not computers and artificial intelligence can be truly intelligent or whether they need people to function, for example, or whether the universe truly started with a Big Bang, rather than a Godly proclamation. There are many viewpoints on these topics, and we hope our readers will share theirs, engage with others, and we can come to a greater understanding of the universe from that broad base.