There's strength in numbers, but do we truly need to be part of a group to make our way through life, or can we succeed on our own without the effects of the whole? Topics include:

  • Independence – making it on our own

  • Interdependence – how we rely on others

  • Is there truly strength in numbers?

  • Knowing when to ask for help

And more.

Most people are strong and independent, and are happy to make their lives their own. At the same time, we can all benefit from being with others – and often we rely on those others. In this section, we hope to discuss the concepts of independence and interdependence: whether it's best for us to be singular or to be part of the group as a whole. How do we rely upon one another, and why? Is it true that there is such a thing as the in-group, and do we need to be part of that or not?

At the same time, there are challenges we face from our independent natures. We're a transient society and often settle far from our homes and friends – how do we re-establish ourselves in these new place? What are the positives and negatives of isolation, segregation and similar concepts on the human psyche? How do we know when we need to ask for help, either from friends or professionals?