You've heard the phrase “the art of persuasion” before, we're sure – well, learning to persuade and negotiate with others is our topic in this category. Here, we'll discuss things like:

  • The arts of negotiation and persuasion

  • Winning friends and influencing people

  • Everything has a price: what are we willing to pay?

  • What is negotiation, and how do we perform it?

And more.

Negotiation happens every day for everyone in some way. It might not be obvious, but we negotiate with our friends, our family, our coworkers, strangers: it just sort of happens, in many ways. Learning to negotiate with and influence others is important to make it through life without conflict and while succeeding in our own goals.

We hope that experts and readers will share their own thoughts on negotiation and influence. How do you define the value of something – especially something that you aren't necessarily buying? How do you persuade people to consider your side of a conversation? This can be a natural event for some people, but for most it's a learned skill; let's hear how you learned to negotiate and persuade effectively. Most importantly, how do you know when to give in?