You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family: that maxim is certainly true. In this section, we look at the ways in which we interact with our closest relations. Topics include such areas as:

  • Dynamics within the immediate family

  • Interaction and influence with close relatives

  • In-laws, parents-to-be and more

  • Dealing with ex-partners

  • Blended families

The family today is a complicated thing; modern relationships have made things much more complex than may have been seen traditionally. Our hope is to provide insight and thoughts on the way families function, how they relate both within and without, and how to navigate some of the minefields that are part of modern families.

We invite experts in family studies, professionals, and others to provide their insight on the family and how its functions can be considered and improved. How can the way in which we relate to our children, parents, etc. be improved for the betterment of all? What are your techniques for successful parenting? There are so many variables today that it's important to share concepts with one another on topics like blended families, single-parent families (by choice or otherwise), handling children spending time alone while parents are at work, and much more. The goal in this section is to help shape and solidify the approach to family relations that provides a happy, healthy family.