Everyone is different, except when we're the same. Right? Truth is, we all have an individual personality and are unique in our own special ways. Let's look at that concept in this section, including such topics as:

  • Individuality – developing your own style and image

  • Recognizing that you are what you think yourself to be

  • Effects of outside influences on our inward image

  • Forcing changes through surgery, etc.

  • Fitting in

  • Trying to be something you're not

Being yourself in a world where we're always encouraged to fit in to certain cultural norms is a tough job. Whizolosophers from around the world can help by sharing their thoughts on developing one's unique image and maintaining it in a media-influenced world. How do people from different cultures and situations find themselves, and how do they express themselves in the world while resisting the pull of peer pressure, advertising and celebrity to be something they may not truly be?

At the same time, many people find more extreme ways to be themselves: plastic surgery fights the aging process or changes what might be seen as an imperfection, and body modifications like tattoos, piercings and others are popular ways to express oneself. What are the long-term implications of such changes, and how are they viewed in different cultures and societies? In the end, uniqueness comes down to each of us answering an important question: who am I, what do I want to be and how can I improve myself and my surroundings by being myself?