Everything and everyone around us deserves our respect – and we, by respecting those things and people – deserve respect as well. But respect starts in one place – by respecting ourselves. Topics in this category feature:

  • Love, honour and respect for ourselves

  • Respect of those around us and society in general

  • The importance of showing – and earning – respect

  • Self-respect

  • Respect for the world around us before it's too late

The Chinese philosopher Confucius says it best: Respect yourself, and others will respect you. If we conduct our lives in a way that allows us to respect ourselves and our actions in the world, then others are sure to come to respect us. What say you, Whizolosophers – how do you view the concept of honour and respect?

We build self-respect by making choices that are beneficial, that we can be proud of; others share that pride by seeing us make those changes. Outwardly, everyone should deserve respect, even if we disagree with their viewpoints. Respect peoples' opinions, their personal space, their rights and their time, and we will receive respect in return. Respect society and the law, and we will be respectful in our communities. As people see us being respectful and honouring those around us and the world in general, they will hopefully take the same path and, in the process, learn to respect themselves.