Your toothbrush is always to the left of the sink. You always hang your jacket on the second hook from the door. Car keys are always on the dresser. Everyone has habits of some kind, good or bad. Let's explore them a little, including:

  • Nurturing good habits

  • Breaking bad habits

  • How encouraging some habits can improve life

  • Willpower versus habitual behaviour

And more.

For almost everyone, habits of all kinds just sort of develop – we don't realize we have them until someone points it out, or until we diverge from them somehow and our world comes to a jarring, confused halt. Habitual behaviour can be a benefit, but it can also push us into negative activities if we're not careful – and keeping to habits too strongly can sometimes lead to compulsive behaviour and potential psychological issues.

Having said that, we can use this tendency to fall into habits to improve our lives. Whizolosophers, have you done this? How did it work for you? We will also explore this with experts in the field, and see just how one can develop behavioural patterns that benefit us, instead of lead us into trouble.