We all need friends to help us through life; being alone is no way to manage the many twists and turns that come at us. Topics in this area include:

  • Finding friends

  • Building, maintaining and appreciating friendships

  • Recognizing bad influences

  • The importance of quality, long-term relationships

How do we define friendships? What's the difference between a close friend and a casual acquaintance? It's all part of the relationship dynamic, but definitions can be difficult at best when it comes to such a nebulous area. We want to explore that and help narrow those definitions down a little. How do you define someone as a 'best friend,' and how do you recognize those so-called friends who are just trying to make use of you for something?

The qualities, attributes and characteristics that make up good friends can include so many factors; we'd like to hear what Whizolosophers think about this. With some friends comes the challenge of peer pressure; how do we best avoid such situations? We hope to provide some thoughts on what we should expect from friends – and what they should expect from us. Friends are important to a happy, healthy life – let's explore how to maket them last.