Belief in a higher power or concept is a challenge to discuss for many obvious reasons. The adoption of religion is a personal choice for each of us, and yet it's a contentious debate worldwide. In this section, we look at such topics as:

  • The importance of faith

  • Why do we believe

  • The history of religion

  • An overview of faiths

  • Non-religions – agnosticism and atheism

For many of us, faith is a central part of our lives. Finding something to believe in drives us, nurtures us, and carries us across those rough patches of our lives. In many cases, it's easy to overlook the difficult days that many religions have had through their histories, the conflicts that continue to occur, and more. We hope to discuss these concepts and encourage Whizolosophers to pitch in with their views.

What is God – and why is God? The concepts of Good and Evil are easy to understand, but how do different religions and cultures define Heaven and Hell? We look at the dogmas of religious faiths, and how they drive the discussion for many religions – and for radicals on many sides. There are many faiths, beliefs and sects in the world; we hope to explore them, discuss their underlying concepts and share them with our audience.