Life in and of itself is an adventure – we never know what's just around the bend, good or bad. No matter what comes around the bend, it's important to gain experience as we go through life, and embracing that adventure is a great way to do so. Topics here include:

  • Experiences that enhance the quality of life

  • Activities that entertain and educate

  • Breaking out of our boundaries

  • Security vs. expanding our horizons

  • Asking yourself: is this as good as it gets?

There are so many ways to explore our lives, and yet many people stay within their boundaries and don't break out to see what they can see. Try everything – whether it's learning about the arts by exploring far-flung museums and galleries or cheering on your chosen sports team, or whatever gets you out of the house and out in the world. How do you Whizolosophers break through the barriers in your lives to embrace life's adventures?

If we don't get out and enjoy ourselves, we stagnate. Whether it's planned far in advance or a last-minute spontaneous decision, experiencing those adventures are the best way to build up a collection of great stories to tell – and enjoy ourselves along the way. There is so much unknown territory on our personal maps: wouldn't you like to get out and fill in those gaps? The opportunities are truly endless.