The definition of right and wrong is one of the earliest understandings that humans are instilled with by their parents, their communities, their educational systems. Even so, we still have many challenges surrounding ethics and the dilemmas that we can face. Topics include:

  • Right and wrong – definitions

  • Why do we do wrong?

  • Morality and ethics

  • How do societal and cultural norms influence our ethics?

  • Personal codes of conduct

And more.

Why do people do things that might be considered wrong? “The devil made me do it” is a weak reason for unethical behaviour, but sometimes it's the best reason we can find. We hope to explore the definition of ethics and morality, and how people are drawn into committing breaches of ethics or morals. How are we influenced by the culture we live in as we develop our own internal ethics and morals; at the same time, how do we consider the law and other regulations?

Each of us has a personal code of conduct, and we weigh our actions against that personal code and the potential consequences. We often have to face the clash of logic versus emotion, and are led by our gut feelings rather than our brains in tough dilemmas. There are many concepts to be explored in ethics, but often it comes to understanding ourselves – so, Whizolosophers, let's talk about your own views on handling ethical challenges!