It's often said that the average person will have five different careers in the course of their life today – that's quite a change from the past, when often someone would go to work at 18 and keep that job, or similar jobs, until retirement. The search for employment is constantly changing. Topics include:

  • Finding a career that fits your strengths and assets

  • Education and training

  • Tips on getting hired

  • Being stuck in a job we don't like

  • Working for yourself

  • Changing careers later in life

And more.

In this section let's talk about careers and how to determine what the right career might be. How do your personal capabilities fit into the work world, and what are the ways in which you can hone those capabilities to best benefit you in getting a job? We turn to experts and Whizolosophers to find out their thoughts on getting a job, comparisons between white-collar jobs and the trades, earning your worth, getting promoted, and so forth.

In addition, we can look at progression within those career changes. Is it worth leaving a position that you're established in to work for yourself, even if the money is better? Let's look at ways to get into business for oneself – franchises, partnerships and other business opportunities, as well as looking at the potential pitfalls. Most importantly, we want to look at how each and every one of us is able to find pride in the career they choose.