One important way of making our lives more healthy and longer is to consider how and what we eat. There are many approaches to developing our diet – some are good, and some are less good. Let's discuss things like:

  • Understanding nutrients, proteins, carbs, fat and how they fit into our diet

  • Good, bad and ugly foods

  • Diet needs throughout our lives

  • Fad diets and concepts versus more scientific approaches

  • Food allergies, their effects and how to manage them

  • How our diet needs change as we age

And more.

We all like a tasty meal, but it's difficult these days to follow all the twists and turns of nutrition science; one day, fats are good for us, the next, they're the devil, and so forth. Let's take a look in this section at what our experts and Whizolosophers have to say about managing diet and nutrition. We would like to explore essential needs in our diet, foods that are beneficial and those we should avoid, and look at diet choices like vegetarianism, vegan, raw diets and so forth.

Why exactly are so many cultures facing obesity epidemics? We'll look at the science behind this, and explore how to turn it around. We also want to explore the economics of food and the cost that comes with eating healthier. There are so many approaches to finding a better diet that it's hard to nail down just one that works: hopefully, our professionals and readers around the world can help with their own expertise.